Monday, January 31, 2011

random babblery

*How can it possibly be the last day of January already?!! I started a couple of new projects this year. One is the graphic-novel-a-week, an idea enthusiastically borrowed from Chris, who enthusiastically borrowed it from Lu. The other is picture-a-day family scrapbook, using last year's Project Life kit. I am doing nothing fancy with it at all. Simple, simple, simple. Pictures and journaling. Period. Anyway, just one month into the year...and I'm already behind on *both* projects. :( With such a poor start, I considered abandoning them. But then I realized that was pure craziness--I'm enjoying the hell out of both of them, so why quit simply because I'm behind, right?

These are weeks 2 and 3 of our Project Life album. (I didn't post week 1 because it had a picture of Gray and his therapist, and I obviously don't want to post anyone's picture without their permission.) Like I said, nothing fancy. I do miss having time to spend scrapbooking, but until that time exists again, I'm thrilled to have this simple way to record our daily memories.

*I have a loaf of Italian Herb Break smells so freakin' good that I just can't stop drooling. Pretty sure I have overactive salivary glands. Not making that up.

*The whole gang played Scattergories for about two hours yesterday afternoon. So fun!!! I just love that the munchkins are all old enough now that we can do that sort of thing. :D

*Somewhere along the line, I have acquired a mini obsession with old Pyrex dishes. So when Rich and I were out at a thrift store Saturday afternoon, and I saw these two adorable little critters, I just had to have them. I mean despite the fact that I definitely do *not* need any more mugs, how could I pass them up for just 49 cents each.

I also have a slightly larger obsession with glass refrigerator containers. And last weekend, I got the best one ever added to my mini collection. Not because it's the prettiest one I own, but because it used to be my Grandma's. She always used to make Jello in yep, I remember being served food from it in days before some of you were even born! :D (Thank you again, Mom!!!)

*Oh my gosh!!!! I'm so glad that I've left this draft up on my computer, just adding to it as I got a few minutes throughout the day. Because if I had already hit publish, I couldn't show you what the mailman just brought me! (Well, duh, I guess I could have made another post, but whatever.) Anyway, just look at this:

Is it not just beautiful?!! Oh Jason, whatever am I going to do with you?!! See, he posted a picture of his own little project box one day, and I, of course, fell in love with it and told him so. And now look---he made me my very own for an early birthday gift. Oh Jason, thank you so very, very much!!! I positively adore it, and I now must go start a new project so I can use it! :D (Not that I don't have plenty of projects going, but none of them are of the small-in-size variety.) Seriously, Jason, you are far too kind to me!!! Thank you. So very much.

Okay, I suppose it is time for me to finally shut up, isn't it? :P


DesLily said...

first off i am envious of your life album for two reasons, one: it is one fantastic idea and have a great printing! You can't read my writing even printing!!!! lol

the mugs look like old diner mugs.. I think I have a sugar and creamer to go with them but I will have to "will them to you" because I like them too much to get rid of them LOL

awww, how great to have some of your grandmas cooking stuff! (or jello mold )

and your gift is spectacular!!! I'm glad I can't sew or I'd want one for myself LOL..

Yeah, it's hard to believe that January is gone already.. of course with another snow storm on its way to the east coast I would be May can't come fast enough for ya'll !!!

Nymeth said...

I love the Life Album! And wow - what a gorgeous box! So much on this post to smile about :)

Chris said...

OMG that box from Jason is INCREDIBLE!!! And Annie's poor hand :( Has it gotten any better? I'm so glad the kids are playing tennis!! I used to love it so much myself :)

I'm HAPPY that January is over :p That means I'm closer to March 10th, lol.

And I adore your new dishes :D

P.S. No giving up on either project!!!! If you feel like giving up just email me and I'll whip you back in shape :p

Kailana said...

Okay, so I missed that you were back to blogging. Good thing I followed your comment on my blog over. For some reason this blog isn't on my Google Reader!!

Care said...

Huh, I have a small collection of refrigerator dishes, myself. :)