Friday, April 15, 2011


It's been one of those know, the kind where you're lucky to find time to go pee. (Yeah, I'm classy, huh?) But despite the stressful hectic-ness, there's been plenty of reasons to smile, too...

*My sweet (usually) baby girl turned fourteen last Friday. 14. Yeah, sheesh. But we'll forgo all the "how the hell did time pass so fast?!!" talk, because I've finally realized it's never going to change and I'm never going to figure out the answer.

(Annie's traditional birthday breakfast.)

(Annie wearing the the Gothic Lolita dress that she wanted more than anything for her birthday.)

(Exceptionally blurry photo of Annie with a much-loved gift from Jean.)

(Annie and her birthday cake.)

*We had our first real taste of spring last weekend...and it was glorious! We got some yard clean-up done, passed around the football, grilled veggie dogs, and ate outside.

*I finally, finally, finally finished a book.

Yes, this a book for school, and that fact alone tends to slow down my reading (that psychological rebellion against "have to," I guess). But thing is, I really enjoyed this book. Have to say I've never read anything quite like it, and it caught me somewhat by surprise. Though why it should have is beyond me, as I really knew very little about it beforehand. I knew it was science fiction--because that is what the lecture course we're using is focusing on now. (This book is a wonderful example of how incredible varied the genre of sci-fi really is.) I also knew it was dystopian--because I've seen it on lists of dystopian fiction in the past. And I assumed, in this case correctly, that it somehow involved religion--because of the title. And, yes, it was all of those things--but face it, those labels really say so little when it comes to a particular work. Anyway, like I said, I truly did enjoy this book. In fact, I'd like to revisit it again sometime in the future. Still...I sure hope it doesn't take me as long to finish my next read. :P

*My dear friend Chris opened an Etsy shop! I can't tell you how ridiculously excited I am about this. :D (Okay, and just a wee bit envious as well.)

*And looking ahead, spring break is almost here!!! (And yep, the boys' school and the community college where Rich teaches and Annie takes classes have the same week off.) Tomorrow we'll all be heading to my parents house to celebrate my Mom's birthday. But on Sunday, Rich and the munchkins are heading out for a few days of camping. I am both bummed (because I really wish I could go, too) and elated (because the thought of a few days of peace and quiet sound heavenly). I can't go because I just have too much damn school prep to get done. Maybe not the most fun way to spend some alone time--but 1.) it's amazing how much more I can actually accomplish when alone, and 2.) hopefully I'll sneak in a bit of relaxing as well.

So what are your reasons for smiling lately? I love hearing because it gives me more reasons for smiling, too. :D


DesLily said...

wow, wow, wow! I love that first pic of Annie in her Goth dress!! fabulous 14 yr old daughter you have there!!!! Happy Birthday (late) Annie!!1
And I can tell the boys are more than ready to be outside with Rich!! (looks like the neighbors dog wanted a hot dog too! lol) All great pics of the guys playin' football!!! I guess I just love pictures (moi? heh). the etsy link didn't work for me for some reason I don't know of.. any guesses?

Debi said...

Hi Pat! Thanks for letting me know about the Etsy link--it didn't work because I screwed up. Surprise, surprise. :P Should work now.

I know, Jet (the neighbor's dog) really thought he was missing out there. :)

Jean said...

I'm glad Annie liked the shirt. I was thinking it would look stunning with her Christmas skirt. Love the Goth dress, too. She had good fashion sense, that kid. Your spring weather actually looks every bit as good as ours right now. Work on that school prep stuff outside if you can.

Debi said...

Hey Jean! I think "like" might be an understatement. :)

And our weather certainly was delightful last weekend. Not quite so glorious now, but not terrible. Our daffodils might just bloom this weekend. :) (Of course, we also may have some light snow Sunday night, too.) Luckily the gang is headed southward to go camping.

Kailana said...

Sounds like she had a fun birthday! That's a great dress that she received. :)

Melissa said...

I can't believe Annie is 14! My goodness! Happy (belated) birthday to her.

kreed said...

Love the pics. Since you didn't do the "where does time go" thing, I'll do it...Where the hell does time go - I can't believe Annie is 14!

How nice that everyone's Spring Break is the same week. I hope they have a fab time camping and that you get lots done - lots of planning AND lots of relaxing!