Monday, April 4, 2011


...Oh my. Have not had that rough a school send-off in a while. More than an hour of whining, begging, anger, and tears. Thankfully, my tears held until he got on the bus. This school year simply can't end soon enough.

...To de-stress, I crocheted another granny square. I've no clue what I'm going to do with these squares, but I'm not sure I even care. They're cute, they're a perfect way to use up my cotton yarn scraps, and crocheting them is a wonderful way to spend a couple minutes regrouping.

...Annie saw the neurologist today...he had no problem diagnosing what was wrong with her hand. It turns out she's got carpal tunnel syndrome. What surprises us is that the hand specialist hadn't figured that out. I had no idea that kids got carpal tunnel syndrome, or that it could cause such swelling in the fingers. Anyway, it's good to finally know what's going on. For now, she has to wear special splints on her wrists at night. Easy enough. And to write and use the keyboard as little as possible. Ummm, not so easy. She's a student. And she's a writer. Nonetheless, it's quite a relief to know it's not something more serious.

...As much as I'm enjoying A Canticle for Leibowitz, I'm really starting to think that I'm never going to finish it. *sigh* I was supposed to have finished it by today, so Annie could start reading it. But our school day was thrown all out of whack due to the neurologist appointment anyway, so I'm not going to sweat it. I bought a book called Shivers, Wishes, and Wolves the other night--it's a collection of five fairy tales retold in graphic novel form. I've been so pouty about not being able to spend any time reading for Once Upon a Time, and I thought surely I could squeeze this in sometime during the week. *fingers crossed*

...Someday I'm going to write a "tidbits" post and actually have something interesting to say. Hey--it *could* happen.


DesLily said...

hmmm, i wish crocheting "de-stressed" me! lol

ohhhh sorry to hear about Annie's carpal tunnel syndrome..that can be painful! I never had stuff like that when I was young because all we had was paper and pencils!!! It would seem that technology comes at a price more often than not. I hope she gets better and doesn't need the surgery.

doing a bit of falling apart myself today and gunna be for a bit so I may not be too cheerful for a bit...
so crochet a square for me too lol lol

Jean said...

I wish I could whack someone for you and make the school situation better or make the time pass faster. When you have enough squares, sew them together and donate the afghan somewhere where it will make someone happy. Turn all your frustrations into smiles! Hey! I'm trying here.

I hope the splint, etc. work for Annie. I have occasional trouble from CTS and wear a splint at night, too. A wrist rest for the keyboard and/or mouse might also help.

And I, personally, find even this tidbits post quite interesting, though for some strange reason the thought popped to mind that rather than crochet for stress relief, you could use the crochet hook to tear out the eyeballs of those who cause you stress. Hmm. Time to have my meds checked? Perhaps the problem is that I don't take any for my thought processes.

Hope I made you smile if not laugh aloud!