Monday, June 27, 2011

over the weekend...

I took my dear friend Jean's advice and took the whole weekend off from school stuff. And I'm glad I did. I feel ready to jump back into today, as opposed to feeling resentful about it.

I wasn't a total slacker over the weekend though--just focused on other things. Spent a good deal of time both days working in the travesty I call my scrapbook area. Seriously, I can't even figure out how it's possible for that "room" to have gotten in the state it's in. But slowly, slowly I hope to whip it back into usable shape so I can actually have some fun in there again.

Saturday evening we took Annie out to supper to celebrate her finishing up her school year. And then we hit B&N...where I was a very bad girl and bought books. I'd been doing pretty well lately, but I just broke down. I'm calling it a reward for surviving the school year. Yes, I am pathetic in my rationalization attempts, aren't I? (Picked up Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol, The Old Man and the Swamp by John Sellers, and Bees by Candace Savage.)

And yesterday, we hit the farmers market. Gray asked to join us, which was a treat. He needed to resupply his honey stash. :)

And I made blueberry jam. Six pints canned with a little left over in the fridge.

And the Maxidoodle finally got a new bike...he had long ago outgrown his old one.

So all in all I'd say it was a fairly relaxing, and yet not totally unproductive, weekend. Here's to lots more of that this summer!


Jean said...

Yay! You sound so much more yourself--you should take the weekend off (or at least a bit off) more often. I know--it's the pot calling the kettle black, but what the heck. Hope you guys have a great first week of summer!

Amanda said...

We really need to teach our kids how ot ride their bikes but I just don't trust the streets around here - way too busy! We live right next to a major road. :/ Maybe once we move up north we'll be in a better place for it.

We should send you our blueberry lime jam recipe. It's fantastic!

Chris said...

Oh I love Max's new bike!! It looks fantastic :D And that jam...omg it looks AMAZING!!! BTW, I will TOTALLY help you organize your scrap area when I'm there if you want :)