Sunday, August 21, 2011

yesterday I...

...sincerely missed having Chris around

...took Gray "back-to-school" clothes shopping at the thrift stores...he scored four pairs of comfy pants and ten non-scratchy shirts all for about $50

...pondered for the thousandth time that never-ceasing phenomena of "they grow up too fast"

...celebrated a successful shopping trip with a donut and coffee, just Rich, Gray, and I

...dove back into heavy-duty lesson-planning...this included starting The Hound of the loving it so far...even better, I'm guessing Gray will love it as well

...did lots and lots of laundry as I'd blown it off all week while Chris was here

...sadly marveled at just how fast summer is slipping away

...marked my google reader all read...again...*sigh*

...allowed the kiddos to have cereal for supper because no one was particularly hungry

...decadently ate chips and homemade salsa with Rich while we started watching Raid on Entebbe

...crocheted a few rounds on a farmers market bag for myself

...struggled for literally hours to fall asleep...just one of those horrible pain nights

Yep, another day of goods and bads and in-betweens...pretty much how life should be I suppose.


Kailana said...

Sounds very productive all around!

I can't believe how fast the summer is going...

Jean said...

Ah, life! Sometimes it is good to just enjoy it, do it, be it. Nothing special, just the day-to-day mundanities. I only wish what sounds like a wonderful day wasn't ended with the kind of pain that keeps you awake. I hope today is full of special nothing specials and that you sleep better tonight.

Chris said...

And this all made me smile :) Well, except for that last one :( *hugs* I miss you too!

DesLily said...

it was sounding just fine until the pain part..I hope that gets better for you..

oh!oh! Hound of the Baskerville's!! my favorite Doyle book!! I have read it a few times and I love love love the old black and white move with basil rathbone and(extremely handsome) richard greene as Baskerville! woo hoo!