Monday, November 7, 2011

on the hook...

So I finally sat down and made a list of all the gifts I wanted to get made for Christmas this year. (Well, not counting the "kitchen" gifts--haven't gotten that far yet.) Anyway, said list comes in with 38 gifts still needing to be made. Sadly, I honestly can't see that happening, so adjustments will be made as the time continues ticking away. But I did spend a great deal of time crocheting this weekend...and even managed to finish a couple of things.

Yep, another farmers market bag. This one for one of my sis-in-laws.

A hat for one of my brother-in-laws. (Thank you to my adorable model.)

And while this is far from a finished gift, it may be the progress I'm most happy about. I've been wanting to make Annie a soft, snuggly throw for her reading chair ever since we redid her room this summer. And I knew just how I wanted it to look. But the problem came when I couldn't find any thick black chenille yarn like I wanted. I finally thought I'd found some, and it was even on sale, so I immediately ordered it. Trouble was, it was a much lighter weight than I thought. So the throw I'd had in mind was out. But I figured I could easily come up with a plan B. Well, I was wrong about the "easily" part. First idea I came up with just wasn't cutting it. Second idea was a bit better, but still not at all what I wanted. But in one of those "third time's the charm" instances, I think I've come up with something I like. (Not that this photo does it justice. How do people take such great pictures for their etsy shops and such?!!) I'm really hoping this baby will be ready to make it under the Christmas tree this year. We'll see.

How about you? Making any/many gifts this year? And are you in better shape than I? (If so, try not to rub it in too hard, okay? :P

(Oh, and sorry about the cheesy title.)


Jason Gignac said...

Well you're two presents ahead of me! I'm only partway through my first present, and its turning out harder than I thought :D

Jean said...

Not really making many Christmas presents, but there might be something else flying your way. Yes, it does have wings, but I'm not gonna say more than that.

somernewland said...

Debi, are you in Ravelry?

Eva said...

I'm not making presents, because Sjogren's has pretty much put a stop to my crocheting & knitting for now. But I love seeing updates on yours: every time you post a farmer's market bag, I smile to know that there's one in my closet in my fave colour! :D

Annie's blanket looks lovely.

DesLily said...

your homemade gifts are fantastic always! lol.. I haven't even made one afghan this year...I no longer like the feel of the cheaper yarn and the one I use..well the last afghan I made cost me 45.00! sooooo I've not made any lately lol I will just enjoy watching your progress..time goes so dang fast I hope you get them all done!!!

btw: you do have handsome models at your home!! :o)

Nymeth said...

I wish I knew how to knit/crochet, or that my craft supplies were here so that I could try home-made replacements for all the gifts I can't afford this year. Sadly that's not to be, so I'll vicariously enjoy your progress instead :D

Kailana said...

I love your farmers market bags. I wish I had the ability to make one! Every time I see one you have made I think that, though. My mother gave up trying to teach me to knit or crochet. It was so torturous I almost made her forget how to do it...

Care said...

Lovely! I made a few Tarragon Vinegars and have already given them away since - what's the point of keeping them? I am still going to gather more herbs for little spice jars. maybe. ;)
Happy Holiday-Prepping!

Care said...

oh, AND. Title is GOOD not cheesy. :D
(I just posted my rev of TKA)

ps are you psychic? I thought of you yesterday and I get lost as to which blog I need to find you at. I'll update my blogroll now. Watch your postbox.

Debi said...

I hope you get it all worked out--in the end, hopefully you'll appreciate it even more knowing the challenge it presented you. Of course, the recipient might not know that, but you will. :) And can I say again how incredibly awesome I think you are for making gifts!!! And btw, I so owe you an email. Well, not "owe" but you know what I mean. :)

YOU ARE A TEASE!!!! But I love and adore you anyway. :D

Officially, yes. But I seem to forget about it for long stretches of time...scatterbrained me! I assume you're there--what's your username? I should probably DM you that question in case you don't see this. :P

I can't tell you how much it breaks my heart that you can't indulge in some of the activities I know you enjoy! Any chance you'll be able to do more things with your hands once the medications catch hold again? I so hope so, sweetie! I can't imagine how miserable it would make me if I couldn't craft anymore. :( It's bad enough that I have to limit my crocheting and sewing to about 20 minute stretches because of how it starts getting to my neck and shoulders (which frankly, I don't get), but at least I can still indulge, you know.

Thank you--you are far too kind with your praise! And yes!!! I know exactly what you mean about yarn--over the past few years, I've become somewhat of a yarn snob myself. And that's not a cheap thing to be!

I'm getting a tiny taste of what it's like to not have my "stuff" as we've packed up so much and moved it to storage. Frankly, it sucks! And it's got to be sooooo much worse for you as you could bring so little with you. I keep meaning to ask you if you're going to get to go visit your parents and puppies and kitties this Christmas???

Sooooo, my dear, what's your favorite color? Seriously, I'd like to know! :D

LOL--if it helps, I made myself PROMISE that I would not change blogs again! If I get the urge to do that, everyone has permission to string me up by my toes (just use really strong rope). :P

kreed said...

I will be lucky if I get presents done at all, much less if I make anything!

Hell, I can't even get birthday cards sent your kids...I feel awful but hope you know I love and think of you all even if I can't get my act together to show it!

Trish said...

I had so hoped to finish Scott's quilt by Christmas but it's not looking like I will. I have the tops nearly finished (would take me an afternoon...anyone want to babysit my baby?!), but then the quilting part... I really want to free motion quilt it but don't know how. Hate putting it off for longer but rather do it the right way.

Would love to learn how to crochet. What a wonderful and versatile talent!