Monday, November 21, 2011

one step forward...

Oh okay, it's not as drastic as "two steps back." But yeah, I'm feeling overwhelmed.

*sigh* I just want to move SO. DAMN. MUCH. And today was to be the last major hurdle before putting the house on the market. Getting the new carpet installed. The installers came, and they worked their butts off doing a fantastic job, right down to vacuuming the carpet when they finished. And it was when the nice gentleman was vacuuming that he noticed that there was a flaw in the carpet. So it's all going to have to be redone. :(

Honestly, I know I'm counting far too heavily on this move. But it's where I am mentally, and having to postpone yet again is just a crushing blow at this point. Yeah, melodramatic old me, huh?


On the brighter side, our Christmas-a-thon went smashingly! I didn't finish all I'd hoped to, but then that's par for the course when one is simply incapable of writing a realistic to-do list. :P

Lots of shopping done, lots of wrapping done, some wrapping paper made, my Christmas card list made along with 1/7 of the cards themselves (until I think of people I forgot to put on the list, that is), and some crafting done, including two more hats. I think nearly every male relative I have is getting one of these hats. :P

But best of all, it was a really fun thing to do "with" my dear friend Chris. Someday, I'm determined that we'll be able to do all these fun things together in person (yes, I like to dream)...but until then, I'm going to be grateful for this amazing miracle of the internet.

Well, as the day is now half over and I've barely begun my chores due to all the chaos around here, I guess today will not be the day that I catch up on my blog reading. Perhaps tomorrow? Is it even possible to "catch up" on blog reading? Seriously, do you ever feel like you're caught up...or is simply a matter of occasionally being less behind?


DesLily said...

ohhh shhhhoot! I guess at least they noticed it and will redo it..better than seeing it later and trying to get them to come back.. like they'd run right out, yeah right.. well darn, sorry about that debi.

gotta say I love the snowflake christmas paper!...I have been "out of touch with Christmas" for so long now i can't even imagine the stress we put ourselves in over sometimes I am glad I don't do christmas anymore!! a lot less hectic lol...but it was such fun when the kids were young..then it kinda fads... so try to keep your spirit up, i know it's hard..but having young kids helps heaps!

you do way more than I ever did or ever could...cut yourself some slack!!
by the way...when you do move..where are you planning on moving to??

Kailana said...

Well, I was basically going to start my comment off exactly like Pat's, so I will just let what she says stand and move on to other topics.

I hope one day you are able to set realistic goals for yourself so you feel accomplished instead of always behind... I always feel happy when I cross something out on a list. Sometimes I will include smaller things that I need to do anyway to accomplish the bigger thing just so I feel like I did something. I know, I am strange...

Eva said...

Awww: boo to the carpet!

You do WAY more homemade gifts than anyone else I know, so you just rock! I want to adjust your expectations of yourself somehow. :p