Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear Christmas Season,

Oh how I love you, Christmas season. I adore you. Really, I do. All the baking. And card creating. And gift making. And wrapping. All the packages to mail and stockings to fill and cookies to deliver. Yes, yes, yes, I love it all.

But... Oh Christmas season, you are exhausting. Someday, I would really love to learn balance. To learn to leave time for sitting back to relax and enjoy you peacefully. Not that I want to give up the self-imposed bustle entirely, mind you. But honestly, there must be some happy medium. Isn't there?

Look, I'm not blaming you, Christmas season, for it's ultimately my own fault... *sigh* I haven't finished a single book this month. I hit the "mark as read" button so many times it's scandalous...I haven't even a clue what my dear friends are up to these days. I haven't had a good kitty pet session in ages. And scrapbooking--ha!

Oh, if only you weren't so tantalizing, Christmas season. But since this has obviously not been the year for me to tame my obsession with you, I will just have to settle for wishing that all my so very deeply loved friends are enjoying all you have to offer. (And trust that they all still remember me when I finally escape your clutches.)

Before I go though, I really want to thank you. Because, yes, despite all the hustle and bustle, you bring so much joy to so many. And for that, Christmas season, you have my undying gratitude.

With love,



Jean said...

Dear Debi,

Like any good season, I recur from year to year, the same at the core but different around the edges. Remember before you had the bright lights that are your kidlets? You probably had time to bask in my glow to the point of sunburn then. Once the kidlets became aware of me, though, wasn't the glow in their eyes at my wonders better than my glow itself? Now the kidlets need more and different things, and I find you pulled in so many different directions. Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere except away on my annual extended vacation come my companion The New Year. Someday, you'll have time to bask fully in my glow again, but that may come at the cost of the kidlets becoming their own adults and moving on with the life you have helped them start. You may look back on the hectic years with more than a bit of nostalgia then. Should you doubt this, Debi, know that I have recently had a similar counseling session with your cousin-in-law as she looks ahead to how I might happen next year. I will always be here, to be entertained and entertaining in different ways fitting to where and who you are this year.


P.S. Some people like to call me Father Christmas, but I answer to Mother or even Grandmother Christmas as well.

DesLily said...

I think i was going to say something but who could top that one?!!!! lol

but no matter how much or how little gets done Christmas will still come... and go until next year...relax lady, enjoy your kids while you still can!

Chris said...

Awwww..I hope it was a LITTLE better this year with the Christmas a thons!! Next year, we'll make it even better ;) We'll keep tweaking this until christmas is PERFECT!! Ooooooh….how about we do a Christmas in July a thon and get a SUPER head start!! Then when November comes, you'll have stuff done already!

Kailana said...

I hope you do learn how to stop and smell the roses a bit more... You always seem to be going full-tilt! I am sure, though, that everyone appreciates the work you put into the holidays. :)

Jason Gignac said...

Dear Ms Debi:



The Holiday Season

Care said...

I'm so glad you throw yourself into LIVING LIFE with such enthusiasm! SO much more better than you sitting around wondering what to do...
love ya! Happy Christmasness!!

Trish said...

Focus on the joy. Focus on the joy. Focus on the joy.

Or just screw it all and go grab that bin of baby books and read away. ;)

Merry Christmas dear Debi.