Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye 2011...hello 2012...

The hecticness of the holiday season is coming to a close. Rich, the boys, and I arrived home last night from a stay with Rich's Mom. Annie will be arriving home today from a week spent with my parents. When she arrives, it will be the first time in two weeks that all of us have been together in our home. There will be yet another round of unpacking when Annie arrives home (having the house on the market doesn't allow for the "when I get around to it" course of action). There are also approximately 6,000 loads of laundry to be done. But then. Yes, perhaps then we will have some time to sit.

It's with sadness that I just hit that "mark as read" button again. As my parents will be here for the day, there won't be time for catching up on blog reading. But this is one of those times of year when hope just springs anew---and I'm hoping that the new year will be the start of a better blogging year for me. Better, as in making more time for blog reading and commenting. Actually I'm hoping to change a lot of things in this new year. Or maybe it's just a matter of changing just one thing--my attitude--that will allow many other changes to just fall into place. I'll talk about that more tomorrow.

So how about you? Are you happy or sad or indifferent about saying goodbye to 2011 and saying hello to a whole new calendar year? Do you have big plans and hopes and dreams for the new year?

Whatever they may be, I do hope you have a wonderful journey making those dreams come true in 2012!!!


Amanda said...

2011 was a very good year for me and I'm leaving it happy. I hope that 2012 is a wonderful year for you, Debi! Happy New Year to you and all the family.

Jean said...

Being blessed, or cursed depending on perspective, with a birthday six month to the day away from New Year's Day, it's always been a time of reflection for me. The passing of the calendar year means another half year of my life has passed as well. I'd have to say that 2011 was not a bad year. The lows could have been lower, and the highs were high enough. I shall work to make 2012 even better. I look forward to reading your post tomorrow and hope to get up one of my own then if not today. I also hope that Happy New Year for you means Happy New House as well.

DesLily said...

the years speed by so fast now I don't have time to notice how good or bad they are, I'm lucky I remember what year to write on the checks when I pay the bills! lol

I hope this is the year you find and move into your new home ..although that would mean you'd be lucky if you had time to fart let alone take a bath or read for 1/2 hour! I just hope it happens and you an the whole family are happy!! I am past 1/2 thru the Forgotten Beasts of Eld.!

Eva said...

The first half of 2011 was rough, but these past few months have been quite lovely. All the same, I'm always excited for a new year to begin!

It sounds like your holidays were a bit insane: I hope you get a break soon! *hugs* Happy New Year!

Somer said...

I will be glad to say goodbye to 2011. It was a really stressful year. However, it is ending on a very good & exciting note (job-related)! Bring it on 2012!

Kailana said...

Happy New Year, Debi!

Carl V. said...

Although the last two weeks that I've been off work have had many nice, relaxing moments, events at work before I left and during these two weeks have hampered my ability to truly have a "vacation" and thus I am more than happy to give 2011 a swift kick in the pants out the door. Then again, work wise, I'm not exactly looking forward to returning on Tuesday to start 2012! LOL!

Hope does spring anew this time of year and I intend to keep fueling the fires of hope all through the year.

I'm not sure I have any BIG plans this year, other than to live a life worth living.

I hope to see 2012 bring all sorts of wonderfully exciting things to your family and also many moments of quiet, relaxing joy.

Debi said...

I so hope 2012 treats you as wonderfully as 2011 did! Nope, scratch that--I hope it treats you even better! :D

"The lows could have been lower, and the highs were high enough."<--I love how you said that! But I hope 2012 brings you fewer lows, a multitude of highs, and more contentment than you can shake a stick at! (Okay, that's one weird saying, but you get the idea.)

If you makes you feel any better, I have to really think every. single. time. I have to write the year on anything.
I hope this year will bring you lots of happy surprises and more reasons to smile than you'd ever be able to count! I mean that with everything I've got.

I hope that the goodness of the last months of 2011 carry right through the entire year of 2012, my dear! I'm sure having such an exciting trip to look forward to doesn't hurt, huh? :D

HOORAY for exciting new beginnings!!! I hope 2012 brings lots of happy surprises!!! And lots of time for knitting, crocheting, baking, and reading. :D

Awww...and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too, Kelly!!! Hope it's a super fantastic one for you!!!

"I'm not sure I have any BIG plans this year, other than to live a life worth living." <--Ah, but that's the biggest and best plan of all!!! Yep, the best. And I trust you'll make it so! *hugs*