Tuesday, January 31, 2012

on a less grouchy note...

The good stuff:

*Several inches of the fluffy white cover the ground for one of the few times in this very, very bizarre winter.

*Ana's truly gorgeous post on Mrs Whatsit from A Wrinkle of Time. Just gave me that totally warm and cozy feeling.

*These two:

*And these two:
Lucky feels the need to groom everyone these days. (Though Max is definitely his favorite.) Baker isn't thrilled, but is always a good sport and puts up with it. :)

*A whole day ahead with nothing on the schedule but homeschooling planning/prep. Will hopefully at least be ready to start the next quarter tomorrow, even if I don't get as far ahead as I'd like.

*Am reading so many varied, and satisfying on one level or another, books at the moment (Hiroshima, Epic, and Cane Toads and Other Rogue Species to name a few).

*Dean's Beans coffee is just such a good (and necessary) way to start the day.

*Having kept up (so far!) with my goal of reading an essay, a poem, and a short story every week this year. (Even if I did forget to post about it last week.)

*My warm and comfy fleece polar bear pj pants.

*Getting even more excited about putting in new gardens when we move, thanks to posts like Chris's. Heck, he's always getting me exciting about gardening. His enthusiasm makes me smile hugely. :D

*Starting this for Annie's birthday. Hopefully will even finish it in time. (If not, there's always next year, right? :P )

*Jean's promise to come visit this summer. :D

*Phineas and Ferb. What can I say, it never fails to make me laugh.

*My bread machine. Think I need to whip up a loaf of Italian Herb Bread for supper. Mmmmm...

*It's the last day of January. This means that barring tragic and unforeseen events, we've only got one month left until we move. :D

...Okay, tis almost time to take the littlest munchkin to the bus stop, and then I will need to buckle down and dive back into the homeschool groove (Gray is taking full advantage of his 4-day weekend and likely won't wake until noon, and Annie is off at MCC taking classes today)...but it was nice remembering that the good things in my life really do outnumber the bad...


Jean said...

I'm so glad you view it as a promise and not a threat! I do so want to make it on to the list of 50 people you have over for a meal in your home. I hope the rest of the week is as good as today seems to be becoming. Love you!

Kailana said...

I am glad you are in a better frame of mind today, Debi!

DesLily said...

I hope all goes smoothly with the new home closing and moving.. it gives one the feeling of starting over.. not such a bad feeling!!

i loved having a dog and cat together..the cat was always "king" and that made me laugh with an 85 lb german shepard!

Stephanie said...

I'm sitting here typing this in my warm fuzzy fleece polar bear jammie bottoms!! Pink, of course!!

Phineas and Ferb are cute...but my favorite is Good Luck Charlie!!

Trish said...

Sweet kitties! Your Lucky really makes me miss Maggie--their coloring is so similar. I'm feeling a bit under the weather today and would love to go home and snuggle up with a kitty cat. As much as I try, Elle is too busy to cuddle with me. :)

Wonderful good things Debi.

Care said...


animewookie said...

Oh WOW!!! Hey ummmm, my birthday just passed...lol That's going to be amazing!
Cane Toads and Other Rogue Species, sooooo right up my alley.
We got a little spritz as well. It clung to the trees which is just gorgeous, but I wish there was more more more ;)