Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I finished my first book of the year the other night! (And yes, that fact is deserving of an exclamation point...because let's face it, who knows how long it will be until I finish another. :P )
Mercury by Hope Larson.

Overall, I'd say it was a good book to start the year with. It didn't knock my socks off or anything, but I definitely enjoyed it. It's two stories, really. Separated by 150 years, connected by place and bloodline and a necklace. The stories alternate throughout the book, but it's never difficult to follow either. A Nova Scotia setting, a touch of magical realism, and lovely black and white art--lots of plusses. It kept me turning the pages, but never with an overwhelming enthusiasm.

(Project progress: Misc. Projects--Read the World, setting-Canada, fiction
AND 2012 unofficial-for-me reading challenges, Graphic Novels Challenge, book 1 of 12)

This winter is driving me just doesn't feel like winter at all. :( We'll have a day or two of cold weather (like yesterday and today), but then it warms up again to unseasonably warm temperatures. But what's even worse is the severe lack of snow. While December here is not generally super snowy, it's definitely not as lacking as this December was. In fact, it was the least snowy December since 1939. :( And while we're only a few days in, January sure isn't making up for lost ground...and the forecast isn't giving me much hope either. I grew up in the Great Lakes snowbelt, and was so grateful when we moved back nearly a decade ago (though to a different Lake). Not having "real" winters in the South always left me feeling unsettled. And it somehow it just seems worse having that unsettled feeling here in upstate New York.

Will someone please buy our house?!! I am soooooo ready to move. (This is truly not news, is it?)


Kailana said...

And you can read a book about Nova Scotia and think 'Hey! This is where Kelly lives!' :)

I agree on the weather... Did you know Nova Scotia is the warmest province in Canada now? This takes in the entire province temperatures. Some of the bigger provinces do get warmer than us, but they are so big they have other areas that get very cold. We are just little... Although it is snowing a bit right now.

I hope someone buys your house soon!

Carl V. said...

Holy crap, do you live next door to me? You are describing our Missouri winter, and my frustration with it, to a "t". I was so disappointed to have no snow around Christmas, and tomorrow it is supposed to be 60 degrees. Don't get me wrong, I'll go outside and think it is nice, but it is so very wrong.

Mercury is on my radar thanks to a review I read from someone last year. I am a fan of Hope Larson and I think I even had this one on my library queue last year before realizing I needed to wait until a time when I would actually read it.

Congrats on your first read of the year. I just accomplished that myself. Always fun to put that first one on the "completed" list.

DesLily said...

woohoo! that first book is a done deal LOL..sorry it wasn't a more enjoyable read though.

we are having a cold front come thru and I am loving it!! although I would no longer enjoy or even be able to shovel snow so I guess I have to stay here although I dislike 9 months of the year! sheesh.

Jean said...

How many people have looked at the house? Any feedback from the realtor about what they thought? Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you when they're not busy doing other things.

Amanda said...

Winter has been ridiculously warm here too. I mean, I'm wearing short sleeves today! Ugh! I hope you get some better weather soon. And a buyer for your house.

Mercury was a fun book. Not earth shattering, like you said, but I enjoyed it.

Chris said...

I totally agree with you on this book…I was meh about it. Wasn't horrible wasn't great. As for Winter…same as Amanda :( Short sleeves to work today. What the hell?? Our weather is so weird here. It actually FREEZED last night and killed my tomatoes and bell peppers and then it's warm today :/ makes no sense….

animewookie said...

First book of the year...Yay!!! I actually woke up to a bit of snow this morning..and by a bit I mean it's just enough so that you can't see the ground through it...But I was still very I hope you get some soon :)

Debi said...

Oh you better believe it--I thought of you often! How could I not, right? :)

This is the first thing I've read by Hope Larson, and I definitely enjoyed it enough that it won't be my last! Here's hoping we both get a better taste of winter soon!

I bet this is your good time of the year, isn't it? I know that I, for one, could not grow to love Florida summers. *ugh*

We've only had a small handful so far, which the realtor didn't think was unusual for the month of December. Actually just got a call and have a viewing this afternoon. Who knows--maybe this will be THE ONE. *fingers crossed*

Sounds like you, Chris, and I all had the same reaction to Mercury. :)
We're not quite short sleeves weather here--that has to be a bit depressing, huh?

Obviously our temps haven't been quite as warm and yours or Amanda's, but we have had several days when it gets into the low or even mid-40s. And January/February is usually the time of year when we don't get above freezing for weeks on end. This winter is just too weird!

I know, doesn't that first book of the year just feel great? :) And yay for snow!!!

Trish said...

Mercury actually sounds pretty good! Though I'm not sure about the lack of grabby-ness. These days I average a book every three months (minus audio), so it's gotta be something that grabs me!

I'm wondering if we're having colder weather than you! :) We typically have days in the 70s in December but it's been steadily chilly (even cold). Though the other day we did have a Saturday beautiful enough to take Elle outside while we raked our leaves. It was glorious.

I'll wish you some snow. And a buyer for your home!!

kreed said...

It is super warm here, too. Kind of freaking me out!