Monday, January 16, 2012


*This past week+ has sucked me dry. It has been stressful x 10,000. It has been aggravating, frustrating, infuriating. And it has also been ridiculously exciting. But last evening, we seem to have reached the practical end of this leg of the moving journey. There are still a few i's to dot and t's to cross, but essentially it appears that we shall be selling this house and buying another on February 29th.

*I have not yet learned to give fibromyalgia its due respect. I don't blame myself for having this condition, but I must take the blame for not managing it very well. I hurt. I hurt. I hurt. And I'm tired of not having my brain in functioning order.

*I finally finished a project I've been working on...and I want so much to share a picture but I must wait until the intended recipient gets it. So hope it makes you smile as much as it makes me smile, intended recipient!

*The Fault in Our Stars is surpassing all expectations. I shall probably finish it today, which makes me both happy and very very sad.

*Nervous as hell to see what the engineer's inspection report will reveal. I suspect it will be novel-sized. :P Yeah, we know the house we're buying has problems! Despite this, we're so freakin' excited about it. The house definitely has character--and yes, you can take that in both the positive and the negative connotations. Besides actual problems, there is much, much, much redecorating to be done...but that's the part I love, making it our own. I know it will be an exceedingly slow process, but that's okay. (Ana, I can't help but think of you whenever I picture the currently existing purple dining room...and for this reason, I will be sad to change it.)

*After a wonderful long weekend of frigid temperatures and snow, we're headed back to unseasonably warm temperatures in the low 40s for a few days. I so hope it doesn't melt all the snow. Has this been the freakiest winter or what?!!


animewookie said...

Indeed...the freakiest winter ever ;o

I can't possibly fathom what you're going through, but I can tell you this, the fact that you keep pushing yourself and actually "living" your life despite having such a challenging condition (to put it mildly) is truly humbling to me.

I'm a big fan of denial at times myself, but you can't be good to anyone else If your not good to yourself. So...if you'll pardon the expression...give yourself a swift kick in the ass and start taking care of YOU. <3

Last but not lease...yay!!! New home. I'm so happy for you, My home has a lot of "character" as well. I lovingly refer to it as a work in progress, but making it your own is the best part :D Congratulations!

Somer said...

How exciting! I hope all goes well with the home sale/purchase! My house has little character, but we're slowly but surely making it our own (after 5.5 years...).

Eva said...

Give yourself time lady. You've been diagnosed so can't blame yourself for not having it under complete control yet.

And honestly, I'm just coming out of a flare-up. So all the management in the world can't magically make flare-ups end completely. You know? *hugs*

Jean said...

I cannot believe you want to change a purple dining room! Purple. PURPLE! Please do take photos before the change. A purple dining room would have so much character, but then it's your house and not mine. I'm probably the only person in the family who would actually consider a purple dining room.

As for the fibro, I have no advice from experience, just a reminder to do your best, day by day, a little bit at a time. The baby steps will become big-person steps, and you may feel up to running with it at some point. The magnitude of the changes likely required suggest they cannot be done overnight or all at once. Baby steps.

Smiling for your new adventure!

Kailana said...

Yes, we are having a very strange winter, too. It was in the negatives overnight, but right now it is back to hovering around 0, which is how the winter has been.

I am sure whoever the recipient is they will love their gift.

And yay on the new house!

Debi said...

"I'm a big fan of denial at times myself" <---Glad to know I'm not alone! :P But seriously, Kelly, thank you so much for your kind, kind words. You undoubtedly are one of the sweetest people on this planet!

That kind of thing simply can't be rushed, if you ask me. :)

*hugs right back* Thank you, Eva. Really. As you know as well as any person on earth, it's just frustrating at times.

Yep, sorry, but the purple dining area will be history. For one thing, I just don't like wallpaper. For another, I can't imagine not having a red kitchen and dining area. And this time around, it's going to be a lot more red.

Hope you're right about the gift. And here's hoping for a bit more normal winter for all of us! :)

DesLily said...

omg.. an actually "buy/ sell" date and a new home to move too!! way to go lady!!! so th eone thing I wonder about is: is it in the area you wanted your new home to be???? how far from where you are now?? we want pictures.. before and after and inside and outside!! I am very happy for you!

Jason Gignac said...

*gasps* Our housein Wisconsin, my favorite house we've ever lived in, we painted the dining room this deep, eggplant-almost purple, with buttery-coloured trim, over the antique red-pine floors. Hurrah for Purple Dining Rooms! The people that bought it from us carpeted over all thee house's hardwood floors, and sprayedwhite texturing over all the vintage plaster walls… sigh… AND THEY CUT DOWN ALL MY TREES. (sobs)

Debi said...

Well, we weren't looking at any *specific* area--just any area that was not well-populated. And yes, that we got! We are in the middle of farmland. Across the street from where we'll be, is an operating big family farm. Complete with farm smell. :P No other houses in sight. Our lot is 1.8 acres, so we'll have plenty of room for gardens, etc. And don't worry, there will be lots of pictures to come. The before will be easy--the "after" may take some time. :)

Sheesh, I'm being lambasted for wanting to paint our poor little soon-to-be dining room. :P I assure you, I have nothing against purple! What I do have is a deep and abiding love for my Grandma's Hoosier cabinet, which she and Grandpa bought when they first got married. It is now mine, probably my most cherished material possession in the world. It's graniteware counter is red and white...and my dining room/kitchen will always be red to make it feel at home. Just the way it is. :D

Jason Gignac said...

Oh, no, I didn't mean it that way! As long as you don't cut down the very-old trees in the yard, I'll be fine :D. I trust your taste far more than mine, anyway :)

Debi said...

Oh my sweet, sweet friend! Of course, I knew you didn't mean it that way! And I think you're ex-dining room sounded beautiful! (Probably too sophisticated for the likes of me though. :P ) And I hate to tell you this, in fact I hate even thinking about this, but one of the first things we're going to have to do when we move is to have a few trees cut down. :( :( :( But they are just too close to the house and are ruining the roof. (Replacing part of the roof will also be in our near future.) But luckily, there are many other trees that we will *not* be cutting down! I do hope you and your lovely family will come visit us in our new-to-us abode one day????

Amanda said...

I see Jason has already mentioned our purple dining room and poor cut down trees. :D

I have to take credit for that dining room. The wall color was very dark purple, almost royal purple, and we used both the buttery yellow trim/ceiling and lavender for highlights on all the shelves and window overhangs. Then we added candle shelves all over the walls in the same buttery yellow, and painted the fan purple too. Everyone said it was going to look awful - even Jason was dubious - but it ended up making the room look much larger than before, and it went beautifully with the hundred-year-old ballroom flooring. :D

I miss having an interesting house to play with. Our house here is so BORING.

And I'm glad you guys have found a place!

Care said...

hee hee - I'm so terribly excited (for you) that I can't stand it! Watch your mail but like in a few days. I'm sending you a something - in tomorrow's mail because I forgot that today didn't have mail. Poor pkg,sitting in the cold mailbox waiting to be sent on its travels...


Trish said...

Congrats on moving onto the next leg of the house journey--even if it might be stressful now. I can't WAIT to hear more about your new abode. So please share!!!!