Friday, March 2, 2012

can I cry now...

Okay, I realize crying may be a bit of an overreaction. I'm just so frustrated. And my frustration is aggravated by my severe lack of sleep. Anyway, the frustration that sent me to the verge of tears is my email. Or lack thereof. *sigh*

We got our internet service through our phone company. Yep, we still had a landline (I don't even own a cell phone). And my email account was through them. When we called to have our phone/internet service terminated because we were moving out of the house, they assured me they would keep my email account intact through the period we were "homeless" since we would be using them again when we got to a new house. But well, that seems to have been a lie. Or more likely a mistake, I suppose. My email account is gone. My email account that I've had for nearly a decade. The email account through which I did everything.

I'm hoping that I can get it restored, but in the meantime, let me apologize profusely if you emailed me recently. :( I do have a gmail account that I opened for a very specific purpose a couple years ago, but only used it for about a month for that project. Hadn't checked it since then and when I went to it this morning, I found a bazillion blog comment notifications in the inbox. *sigh* Hopefully I can figure out a way to delete en masse...I started doing it one by one, but realized that's going to take hours. Anyway, should you need to email me, for the time being, at least, please use:

aldobakerlucky (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks, and let me apologize again if it appears I'm ignoring an email from you. I promise you, I'm not!!!

Also on the frustration front is the house we're buying. Hopefully buying. The septic system inspection was done. There was a supposedly minor problem, which the homeowners were going to take care of, and then the county was going to come in and inspect it. Well, apparently when the county inspected it, they found major problems. From what we heard from our real estate agent, the home owners decided to just have the septic system replaced without even trying to renegotiate our deal. So that is totally awesome news. But we're afraid it very well may set back closing and leave us paying for our very expensive hotel room for even longer. :( And you know, I'm really not sure what it is that all these septic systems have against us. :P

Okay, enough complaining. Seriously. Life is good.


Nymeth said...

To bulk delete on gmail, just tick the little square right at the top, next to "archive". It will select all your e-mail and you can then hit "delete" and get rid of everything in one click. If you hit "archive" instead, they'll be removed from the inbox but not deleted. I hope this helps! Best of luck with everything :)

Jean said...

Hang in there, Debi! You will get through all of this, and eventually you may look back on it all and laugh. Find a copy of "I Will Survive" and play it loudly while you dance around the room. Rich and the kidlets will look at you as if you are crazy, and you can just confirm their suspicions. Let them join you in the dance because after all, they have no choice. Love you!

Eva said...

Oh no Debi!!! I hope they bring your e-mail back. *hugs* *good vibes*

Debi said...

Oh Ana, thank you sooo much!!! You just saved me so much time! You are the best! Of course, I already knew that. :D

They're well past the suspicions stage--they *know* I'm crazy! (Thankfully, they're okay with that.) Love you, too!

Thanks, sweetie! I certainly hope so, too.

DesLily said...

ah well.. a bit of Murphey's Law going on....eventually the luck will turn good!

ummm on the septic tank.. you really dont want an old one or one with something wrong!! Better to be fixed NOW.. trust me on this one! lol lol

Megan said...

Oh, Debi, that's so frustrating. I'm sure if my e-mail disappeared I'd be hard pressed to keep my cool, too. I keep way more important stuff stored in my e-mail than I should, and I'm sure I'd end up totally heartbroken if something like this happened to me. Here's hoping they can still bring it back and that all will be well in the end!

Amanda said...

I am so so sorry Debi! I hope you can get it worked out to get back all that email. That's the worst part - not the un-replied email, but the stuff you've saved all these years...

Jason Gignac said...

*cries for you* Stupid houses! I know that feeling.I hope yours is fixed quickly. :/.

Trish said...

It's OK to cry!! But I understand your frustration in losing all of your emails. I hope they are able to resolve the problem!

And with the house...I'm going to look at the platinum lining of a brand new septic system!! Maybe just this morning order some room service? ;)

Susan said...

I'd be crying too, if my email disappeared! I cried when I was trying to get my laptop online and it wouldn't go, no matter what we tried.....oh, and good grief with the septic tank problems! though if it gets all replaced, and works, that's for the good.....hang in there, Debi. It will all be sorted soon. Transition always sucks, no matter how prepared we think we least you have books and bookshelves and can cook for your family in the meantime :-) lol I still smile at that bookshelf in your hotel room.

Care said...

goshdagnabbit on the delay! Family togetherness is a beautiful thing. :) Hope the rest of the process is smoooooth.

I see Ana answered the question - I just sent you an email.

Did you get my snail mail?? :)
hugs, Care

Debi said...

Yeah, I know it's really a good thing in the end. A very good thing. I think I'm just so burned out by this whole process that I just want it all over.

Thanks. You're absolutely right. I sort of feel like I'm in mourning over all those truly priceless conversations I no longer have. :(

You never fail to make me smile, you know that? :)

I know--it really isn't a bad thing at all. I mean they're not even trying to get us to pay for part of it or anything. I think I'm just antsy that it's all going to fall apart just like the last deal did. Which is stupid, I realize. LOL-our hotel doesn't have room service, but we do get free hot breakfast every day in the lounge. :)

I think you're right about transition. It often ends up to just exactly what we needed, but that doesn't always mean the journey's an easy one.

I was seriously afraid all our lovely family togetherness might be the end of us, but believe it or not, things are going swimmingly so far. *knocks on every available wooden object in sight*