Tuesday, April 24, 2012

it hasn't been all bad...

So, does it feel like I've done nothing but whine and complain lately? Yeah, that would probably be because I've done nothing but whine and complain lately. :P I'm not going to go back and try to pretend that this has been an easy year so far, but you know what, it hasn't been all bad either.

Bits of happy from the past couple weeks:

*Oh my gosh, you guys. My little girl turned fifteen. Fifteen. Seriously, fif-teen.

*For all that has gone awry with this move, one very important thing went incredibly well. Like beyond my wildest dreams kind of well. Max loves loves loves his new school. (And I do not say those words lightly.) It really is an awesome place.

(Waiting for the bus on the first day.)

*My parents have been up twice already, for a few days each time. They are just so amazingly generous and helpful and honestly, I don't know what we would have done without them. It would be impossible to even mention all the things they accomplished around here. I wouldn't be nearly as far along in the cleaning and unpacking arenas as I am if not for my Mom. And my Dad, home repair guru, has saved us so much money it's not even funny. Electrical, plumbing, demolition...you name it. And on top of that, they brought up their rototiller which saved Rich hours upon hours of breaking in the ground for our eventual garden *and* they brought us blackberry plants!

(Max and Papa planting the blackberry plants.)

*I get to wake up to birds singing every morning and go to sleep with frogs calling every night. Ahhhh.

*Annie's wasn't the only birthday we celebrated this month; my beautiful Mom had her birthday as well.

(I hope she doesn't kill me for posting this, but I just love this photo.)

*The view out our bedroom window, looking out over our pond/swamp, just makes me feel so content every time I see it. And yesterday morning, I awoke to the biggest treat--my first glimpse of it with snow.

*Just another pretty look at yesterday's springtime snow.

*And last, but oh my gosh, so not least, there's you guys. You've not only put up with all the aforementioned whining and complaining, you've been so unbelievably supportive and helpful and kind to boot. I'm incapable of putting into words how much it means to me--suffice it say that my head, my heart, and my sanity THANK YOU. Times a bazillion.


Amanda said...

So wonderful to see a post full of good stuff Debi! :)

Susan said...

I love your photos! Annie is beautiful, your mother is lovely, and everyone radiates joy. Despite all your difficulties this year, this might turn out to be better than expected (your new house). I LOVE the snow pictures, the tulip one is spectacular. And you get to wake up to birds singing.

Thank you for sharing this with us Debi, and here's a hug just because you've gotten this far!

Kailana said...

I am glad there have been some good things, Debi!

DesLily said...

omg! Annie is so beautiful and now she's 15! I can't even remember my kids turning 15..pretty sad huh.
the pic of your dad planting lets us see "the neighborhood" too and it looks great! the snow shots are glorious! I hope the tulip survives ! And Max loves his new school..how great is that?! It sounds like things are coming together. I hope the happy things just keep coming Debi!

Debi said...

Thanks so much! I know I have good things to read about from you, too--I still haven't had a chance to catch up on blog reading, and I'm so looking forward to reading all about your and Jason's cruise!

Thank you! And you know, Rich and I keep telling ourselves that once we *finally* get settled in and get all the major-ish problems taken care of, we really are going to love this place. So it's really just a matter of keeping on plugging away, and we'll get there.

Thank you sweetie!

Thank you! :D Yeah, I think she's pretty beautiful, too...but then I am her Mom... :) And you know, Rich and I have talked about how if we had to pick just one thing to go right, it would be that Max was able to make the school transition okay. And he's done so much better than okay--that's worth a lot!!! And yeah, as for the neighborhood, you can almost see all of it in that picture. We sit on the corner of two roads, and those houses you sit across the road runs beside us. There's one more house to the left of those two, and those are the only houses you can see from our house. In front of us, behind us, and to the other side of us is nothing but wild space. And wetland space at that, so it's very unlikely that anyone's ever going to be allowed to develop it. :D

Trish said...

Oh how I love this post. :) I do believe that it's OK to whine (I'm superior at it) but it's also so important to focus on those things that make you smile. Though how the heck is Annie 15?! What a beautiful young woman she is growing into.

And that picture of the snow? ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING. I wanted to comment on your tumblr picture the other day but couldn't remember how to do it. Ha! :) So I'm glad you reposted here.

Hope you are having a very happy day.

Care said...

LOVE that wintry scene and the poor tulip. Good to hear you have things to celebrate and are doing so.

Care said...

LOVE that wintry scene and the poor tulip. Good to hear you have things to celebrate and are doing so.

Debi said...

Yeah, I think it's okay to whine, too. But I sort of feel like I've been doing nothing but lately! And yeah, I sort of have a hard time believing my little girl is 15 now. But I gotta tell you, I think it came as an even bigger shock to realize that Elle was a year old already!!! Seriously, that just can't be so, can it?!!

Yeah, that view out my window--it sort of took my breath away and gave me that slap upside the head reminding me of how very blessed I really am. :)

Debi said...
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Jean said...

Love the photo of your mom! Love seeing the snow! And especially love that Max is happy in the new school. I hope all continues in the same vein for the future near and far.

Debi said...

Thank you, you lovely person you!

Bookfool said...

Oh, boy. Have I fallen behind, or what? I cannot believe Annie is 15. And she is totally gorgeous!!

Love this post. I heard you were moving . . . from Chris, maybe? Didn't realize it's been such a difficult move because I don't have a link to your blog in my sidebar and wouldn't have found it at all if not for a link you put up at Twitter that I just happened to see. You had snow in April? That is just way hard to fathom. It's supposed to hit 90, this weekend, in our neck of the woods.

I'm on the wrong post but I love the sweater, too.