Monday, May 7, 2012

just some start of week babbling...

*I have been forced to lower my expectations for the day. In the first 20 minutes of semi-awakedness, I cleaned up a nasty pile of dog vomit, stubbed my toe, and poured coffee in my lap. Just has that feel of one of those days that will be filled with minor annoyances. That's okay though--it also feels like one of those days where I'll be able to laugh at them all, instead of one of those days where they'll turn me into one cranky, pissy human being.

*Despite how much we get done around this house, it always seems like there's so much more to do. You know, kinda like life in general. :P But this weekend we did finally manage to get the family room put together. Including, much to the delight of the young lads, setting up the wii. (Though it was such a gloriously beautiful weekend, that thankfully they spent it playing outside instead. Just the knowledge that they *could* play the wii if they wanted to made them happy.) Like all the other rooms in the house, I have many, many plans for redecorating in the future. In fact, I've been having a good time redoing my Home Projects page and dreaming of how things will look once all the projects are complete. You know, ten years from now. :P

*Sigh. I am off to a pathetic start in Trish's Pin It and Do It Challenge. Zero done so far. Yep, nada. BUT...I did buy yarn this weekend to start one project.
Okay, technically I bought the yarn to make an afghan for the family room, but first I'm going to steal a little of it to make a Christmas gift for Annie.

*I'm increasingly happy that I finished The Hobbit last week, as it's beginning to seem as if it will be the only book I finish this month. :P And it's not that I haven't been doing any reading. As usual, I guess I just have too many books going at once to feel like I'm making progress in any of them. After being "misplaced" for a many weeks, I finally found The Search for Wondla, so Max and I have been imbibing nearly nightly now for the past week...we *are* making progress, but it's a long book. Reading Polio: An American Story for Annie's history's really good, but despite the amount of time I've spent reading it, I just don't seem to be moving along very quickly. Also reading The Fifties for Annie's history class, but have set that aside until I finish the polio book. Reading Life in Cold Blood for Gray's science unit on herps. And just for me, I'm reading Fables 9: Sons of Empire. But obviously I need to go to bed earlier--you know you're dog-tired when you can only manage to stay awake for a couple of pages in Fables!

*Rich told me this morning that the rascally little rabbits seem to be nibbling on our blackberry plants. I so hope they don't kill them before they have a chance to grow. :(

*I'm doing a damn fine job of procrastinating getting started on school stuff for the day. I suppose I should put an end to that...

*Wishing you all have a fun-filled, joyous, and productive week!!!! (The "productive" part is optional.)


Heather said...

Oooooooo, pretty yarns! *pets the yarn* Is there anything better than brand new pretty yarn? Besides brand new pretty books?

Wow, you have a lot of varied and interesting readying going on there. And just so you know, I fell asleep once, while holding a Fables book, and woke up still holding the book. It had slumped down, but it was still in my hand! So you are not alone.

You might need to get an Elmer for them wabbits. And I love how you commented on my blog after you posted this one. Still procrasting, eh? LOL *hugs*

Jean said...

Do you have neighbors? Perhaps they will plant better plants and entice the rabbits to move over there. I hope the annoyances stay minor and that you continue to roll with the punches. Who knows? Maybe something will get produced after all.

Kailana said...

That yarn is so pretty! I wish I could knit/crochet but I lack the skills. (Believe me, I have tried...)

How exciting to see you reading Fables! I reread the Cinderella Fables today so I could read the new one. I am excited. :)

DesLily said...

well it sounds as if you are off and running around the new abode!! good to hear the "normal stuff" (re: school reads/ yarn/ baking) it sounds wonderful!!!
love the color yarns! are they that very soft stuff?