Friday, June 1, 2012

one of those days...

One of those days. Not the bad variety of "one of those days" but the really good variety. The kind where I wake up and am just so blissfully thankful to be alive...

...Rich and I got to watch two flickers performing a courtship display in the backyard earlier this awesomely cool

...I thoroughly enjoyed my shower this morning...which might sound like a stupid thing to say, but I usually hate showers (though not as much as baths)...because I hate being wet period...which I realize makes me odd, but there you have it...thus why those rare times when I actually enjoy my shower seem a reason to celebrate oh-so-very-much-loved friend Chris sent me the new Edward Sharpe album...he's just sweet that way, you know...he's sweet in just about every way there is to be sweet for that matter...yep, love him...and love this can one listen to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and not find oneself with a happy bounce in one's step

...the weather has turned rainy and overcast and cool...not that I haven't adored the beautiful, warm, sunny days of this past week, I have...but this is a nice curl up nice and cozy with a mug of tea and pile of books (because distractible me can't seem to stick with just one book) kind of day

...and speaking of books, I've got one of those pleasant afterglow things going on...Max and I finished The Search for Wondla last night...ended up surprising me by how much I enjoyed it...Max and I shall write a little post about it later excited about starting project life again...yes, this is the fourth time I've started it...and possibly the fourth time when I will fail to follow it through for any length of time...but if that's the case oh well...for now I am happy and excited and eager to see our weeks being documented in this simple lovely way's June shocking as that is in many ways, it's also very welcome...we're almost to the end of the school year...just a few more weeks...I can nearly taste it

...two posts that made my heart swell with joy...for very different reasons...Ana and Jodie's incredibly awesome post on seasons 2 and 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender...and Carl's beautiful post about his lovely daughter

Suppose I ought to run and be productive. Or maybe just say "to hell with productivity" for a day. So hope you're all having "one of those days" too!!!


Kailana said...

It sounds like a wonderful day, Debi!

Carl V. said...

Wonderful post to start the weekend reading! Thank you!

Please do post a review for Wondla. I love DiTerlizzi's work and haven't read this one and would love to know both of your thoughts on it.

I'm so glad we hit a cooler spell this week, it has been wonderful, even though I haven't been out in it as much as I would like to have been.

DesLily said...

you and carl are making me envious with your "cool spells"!! it's in the 90's here with humidity to match it!!! *ugh*

Awww on the courtship!! how cool!

glad you enjoyed the search for wondla! it looks like a neat book.

Somer said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Dontcha just love days like that?

Chris said...

Aw Debs this post made me smile so much!! I hope you have many more wonderful days coming up my dear :) Love you!