Wednesday, July 11, 2012

completely random babblings...

*We found a lovely organic fruit farm near us, and yesterday we visited for the first time. We already knew that the vast majority of New York's cherry crops were lost. The stupid summer-like weather of March had trees blooming way too early, and then when we went back to more seasonal weather of hard frosts and snows in April, the fruit was done for. The wonderful couple who owned the farm we went to lost not only all of their cherry crop, but also all of their peaches, apricots, plums, pears, and they figure at least 40% of their apples as well. So sad.

Their blueberries, however, were thriving. Seriously, they were just so beautiful! We picked 28 pints...and they shall be my big job for the day.

*Heard a story on NPR about how black lung is making a big resurgence among coal miners. One of the men they talked to just broke my heart. He was younger than I am, and he talked about how he could only hold his two-year-old grandson for very short periods of time. You could tell just listening to him talk, what an effort simply breathing was for him. I'm sure this story took my attention away from my reading because my Grandpa was a coal miner. He had black lung, and well, of course, emphysema. Anyway, I don't know I even brought this up, but it just made me so sad to hear--I thought black lung was largely a thing of the past.

*Had a doctor appointment the other day. Looking at the diagnoses list that is printed out on the patient plans she gives me after each appointment always makes me feel like such a mess...hypertension, fibromyalgia, chronic insomnia, iron deficient anemia. :P She was actually quite concerned about my blood pressure--it was rather high, reminding me of my old preeclampsia days. But I honestly think it was because I had a tad of a stomach bug that day...we'll see if my theory holds, as I have to take my blood pressure twice a day for the next week and call her with the results. She's thinking about adding a second blood pressure medication. She doesn't want to up the dosage of the one I'm on because one of the common side effects is fatigue...and as she said, I'm in over my head already with fatigue because of the fibromyalgia, insomnia, and anemia.

*Look what we have:

Actually we have eight luna moth caterpillars. A professional naturalist friend of Rich's gave them to us. We've raised painted lady butterflies a number of times, and once a prometheus moth, but never luna moths. I think they are just one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

Well, I suppose I should get back to my blueberries now. I think I hear their little voices out there calling, "Freeze me, dry me, turn me into syrup!" Sure, it's probably just my imagination, but I'd still better get back to work I guess.


Nymeth said...

Hopefully the blood pressure thing is nothing, but DO take care of yourself! *hugs* And those blueberries are absolutely gorgeous :) Are you going to make blueberry pancakes?

Jean said...

Blueberries good. Blood pressure not so. I hope it's a case of white-coat hypertension, and you don't need more meds. I look forward to seeing photos of the cocoons and moths that result from the caterpillars. Have a good rest of the day!

Amanda said...

Blueberry lime jam!! Blueberry lime jam!!!!!!! :D

You'll have to take pictures of the moths for Jason. :)

DesLily said...

yes, watch that blood pressure lady!

(gawd I love blueberries)

oh man that catapillar is really neat!! it will cocoon and become a moth for you??? wow!

Darren @ Bart's Bookshelf said...

like the sound of Amanda's Blueberry line jam. Nom. Nom. :)

The caterpillars sound like fun!

Debi said...

Thank you, my dear friend. I'm really sure it is nothing, and my readings the last couple of days seem to be showing that.
And pancakes--I really must, mustn't I? :)

I really do think it was nothing. *fingers crossed*
And I hope like heck we'll have pictures to show. They seem to be doing very well so far anyway. *crossing fingers again*

I'd love to try your blueberry lime jam, but I'm afraid jam is just one thing I don't need to make this summer. Made so much last summer that we've got enough to get us through another year. Though I made just plain old blueberry jam, plain old strawberry jam, and plain old blackberry jam.
And yes, I will! I even think of a luna moth without thinking of your dear husband. :)

I do believe you need to come spend a summer with us sometime! If we pick enough blueberries and grow enough tomatoes, perhaps you can overlook the garter snakes??? :)

I know, doesn't Amanda's jam sound divine?!!

Elizabeth said...

Well here I am poking my nose into your world again! Your blogging is so full of life. In my opinion your reading reflects your life so very well, such variety. Just my little bit to hope that you are able to find the balance you want in blogging.I think, since you work full time during the school year, the space you have for blogging (and everything really)becomes more precious and pressured.Any walking you are able to do, and what an ingenious plan, should help your blood pressure too. You will be achieving so much with even a little bit.I do not blog (you asked one time) but I enjoy all those who do and I especially enjoy the little connections that are created. Take care of yourself and remember to be as kind and patient with yourself as you are to others.

Sucrette said...

Thank you so much for visiting today :)
Big kisses

Trish said...

Ok, my jaw literally dropped when I saw the picture of all those blueberries that I HAD to tweet you a picture of said jawdropping. not even kidding. ;) They GORGEOUS!! Blueberries have been so expensive for us this year that I've only been diving into my frozen stash that I get from Oregon every year with my mom. Please share with us what you do with them!!

And I'm sorry to hear about the doctor's appointment. My heart aches for all that your body is putting you through these days.

DesLily said...

ahhhhhhhhh garter snakes eh?.. in a "fish tank" they are fine.. in the grass not so fine! lol...

Kailana said...

I want blueberries! I should go get some...

I am sorry to hear about the health problems. I hope everything turns out fine!

Susan said...

Blueberries:scrumptious! what a wonderful collection you have there....I second Ana, blueberry pancakes on the menu? jam?

I'm sorry about the health, it's scary, isn't it? when it gets worse despite everything. *hugs* and I hope you don't need the second medication for long (that your pressure goes back down again).

Love the caterpillar too! so very green and lovely. I always save them when I see them on the sidewalk.

Debi said...

Yay!!! I'm so very glad your nose is back! :P And you really must let me know if you ever do decide to start blogging (I absolutely remember asking, because I was so hoping the answer was going to be YES!). You have this way of making me feel so good about life! That is an amazing gift, and I feel pretty dang blessed that you share it with me. :D

You're so very welcome! I love visiting your world--I always leave with a smile on my face. :)

We already talked about the blueberries, but I wanted to say thank you so very much for your sweet words. This body sure can give me hassles, but it's the only one I got and I'm darn happy to have it! :P Even when it is a pain in the..., well, in the everywhere. :P

Oooh. Sorry to say, the garter snakes are in the grass. But I PROMISE they are as sweet and sweet can be. :) (We have corn snakes in the fish tanks.)

YES, you should!!! :D And thanks, dear friend, but don't worry, I'm sure all is going to be just fine and dandy.

I'm guessing blueberries grow pretty awesomely in your neck of the woods too, don't they? And *hugs* for caterpillar saving! :D Heck, *more hugs* just because you're you!

kreed said...

You know what I love about you? You are a bright, shining, silver-lining soul. For every bit of "bad stuff" you mention, there is always a bit of "good stuff" to counter it. It makes me smile - I love it! Sort of the crappy health/pretty luna moth dichotmomy. That being said, I am so sorry you are struggling with your BP and I hope you find some relief and solutions soon. I also think of you every day and hope that your fibro is not more than you can bear. Hugs.

Snowball said...

This is my first visit to your blog and what a delight!

I hope your health problems sort themselves out a bit. My doctor says that walking is about the best thing you can do for yourself period. (I should listen)

Take care.