Thursday, August 9, 2012

plugging along...

I suck.

Just opened google reader. So not pretty. Made me want to cry.

Of course *not* keeping up with blogs is not the only thing I've *not* been doing. In fact, I've pretty much *not* been doing anything of interest.

And therefore have nothing to blog about.

So why am I here? Good question. No good answer.

I've been in a school planning/prep frenzy. Of interest to no one, I'm sure.

Also trying to get more done on this house. But honestly it sometimes seems a two steps forward, one step back sort of thing. (Really more like a two steps forward, two steps back sort of thing, but that just sounds too utterly depressing.) Our appliances were delivered Sunday. Yay! The gas line was installed yesterday morning. Yay! But it turns out that we now also need to have a new electrical outlet installed. And not just a simple switch-out, so Rich likely won't be doing it himself.


I thought that was a big enough damper on things yesterday. But the powers that be apparently didn't. Gray came up to go to the bathroom at 12:30 last night. I was finally drifting off to a much-needed (after having less than three hours worth the night before) but somewhat elusive sleep. He called in our bedroom to tell me that there was a wet spot on the basement floor. And it wasn't a small one. (I'm guessing that was his way of saying that Baker had not peed on the floor.) Rich heard Gray's announcement as well, and we headed down together to investigate.

Enormously less pretty than even the state of my google reader. Pipes leading from the shower drain had come apart. Yep, just totally separated. Annie, who is not known for her economical water use, had taken a shower about 11:00. And all that water, soap, guessed it--now flooding the basement floor.

Good news being that Gray discovered it when he did. Otherwise, Rich and I would have gotten up and showered this morning before realizing what had happened.

Other good news being that this was a home repair job that Rich could handle. And has.

Yes, our charming little fixer-upper needs ever more fixing-up by the day.

I'm still trying to get the basement dried out.

And still trying to get ready for this school year.

And not doing a damn thing of interest.


Elizabeth said...

Oh I laughed when I read that you were doing school work!! I knew as I started to read that you were really up to something, just not the somethings that bring as much satisfaction as other things. Of course come the school year you will be happy to have put in this time. It takes such discipline to do what you do for your children. And of course houses and cars (by mentioning cars I hope I don't jinx anything for you, but I have car issues!) never give us a moments peace. Don't forget to give to yourself..... just a little something as you deserve it and it is such and easy thing to overlook. Take care.

Chris said...

*kicks Debi in the shins* YOU DO NOT SUCK!!!!!!! None of that allowed :p I'm so sorry that things have been so rough for you though my dear :( Just emailed you. Hope you wake up on this Friday to a much much better day with a great weekend ahead!!! Love you!

Jean said...

Doing nothing of interest? I think not! The shower story is a keeper for sure! How Gray let you know it wasn't just a doggie accident - priceless. You are dealing with life, dear. Keep in mind my blog post yesterday -- little vs. big things. The shower is a big thing, faced and dealt with. School is more of a hockey-sock full of littles. One at a time, one at a time, breathing as you go. Make you a deal. I'll send you some good thoughts with each of my little victories, and you send some my way with each of yours. Together, we shall get through it all, really!

Debi said...

Oh No!!! I hope your car issues work themselves out soon (and inexpensively!)...they can be so aggravating!!!
And yeah, you're absolutely right about me being glad I put in the time now on school. I wish I was one of those people who manage things on the fly, but I'm definitely not! I have to sweat and worry about every little thing--not something I'm proud of, but I think I've mellowed as much as I'm capable of doing in that area so I'm just trying to accept it. :P

Don't you worry your handsome head about me, my dear! And I'm sorry I said I sucked--but I really do just feel so damn guilty when I can't get everyone's blogs read, you know?

It's a deal! I cannot even express how much I love that idea!!! :D

Susan said...

Oh Debi, sending you hugs. Houses are like cars. Every time we fix something in our house, something else goes. And yet it's our home and we love it. I hope you come to love your home eventually. And don't forget, you did just get there, and it takes time to feel comfortable in a house, and that it's yours, and not someone else's. Every repair you make, makes it more your house now!!

I'm so glad it was an easy repair for the shower, and easily found. Ours was gross: water kept leaking into the basement, and finally we had to rip two walls apart to discover someone (owners before us) had drilled a hole into the pipe, and it was leaking down the pipe to the basement. and yes, you guessed it, it was the toilet pipe. It still makes me shiver, to this day!! We had to clean so much, and rip out the carpet that the water had touched....*shiver*

I hope this cheers you up some! :-)

Carl V. said...

"charming" is right, as all fixer-uppers are. Your woes take me back a decade to when we bought our first home, had nothing in the way of money, and had to start by pulling off three layers of shingles and re-shingling the house, as well as repainting, some electrical work, plumbing work, etc. etc. You go from being thrilled about your new place to loathing it in hardly any time at all!

The good news is the thrill comes creeping back and you will have multiple moments of realization that this "house" is now your "home". Believe me, when those moments happen this pain will all have been worth it. It really will, Debi. And with so many great holidays approaching and the wonder of autumn I hope some of those moments are fast approaching you and your family. :)

Love and hugs to you and yours.

Care said...

Do I have to help Chris kick you in the shins?! Puhleeeease.

You do NOT suck. JUST STOP IT! Would you let your kids say such?! (of course, this is my LOVING response cuz I hold you high on a pedestal and worry abt you.)

I thought I lost your new addy and was in such a panic today! but don't you worry! your mail box will not be lonely and unvisited from Mass mail, oh no!!

hee hee

Care said...

btw, I haven't checked GR in MONTHS.... if you wonder what i'm up to, you gotta come visit. just sayin'.

Snowball said...

I just picked up several journals by May Sarton, and in "The House by the Sea" she writes about moving into her home and making it her own. Coincidence? I think not.

Life is an adventure and poetry happens because of it, not in spite of it. She used everything in her life for her writing, even her money troubles.

You have so much about which to write, and I for one enjoy even the brief glimpses. Your time may be severely limited but your source material is definitely not!

Oh, and happy back to school! When do you start? We started last week.