Saturday, September 29, 2012

this past week...

...celebrating ten awesome years on Earth with this guy

...feeling the temperatures starting to occasionally dip into the 30s at night, and having the furnace starting to kick on from time to time even though we keep it set at 62 degrees

...getting a bit fatigued with all the canning, yet still keeping my fingers crossed that we can eek out a couple more weeks of produce before the weather calls an end to things

...finishing one crochet project (for Gray's birthday), abandoning another (just decided it wasn't the look I wanted), and starting a brand new one (which I have very high hopes for)

...staying immersed in the 1960s through both books and films with Annie's history class

...reviewing quickly all things fractional, slogging through the U.S. Constitution, diving into discussions of Something Wicked This Way Comes, tackling human reproduction, among many other things with Gray's homeschooling

...practicing patience with an internet connection that is out more often than it's in and an operating system that's "too old" Rich a few extra "my hero" points for fixing my I couldn't see well enough to fix them myself, a fact that is somewhat disconcerting as I never even had to wear glasses until a few years ago

...spending far too much time stressing out over the ugliness of politics, and strongly considering simply deleting all emails without reading them from extended family members until after the election

...getting ridiculously excited about the return of "Christmas prep" weekends, one for each of the remaining months of the year...thank you so much for putting a dose of giddy in my outlook Chris :)

...swirling in a whole whopping pile of mixed emotions, including a nice share of happy, about Dewey's Read-a-Thon

...washing loads of fabric for upcoming sewing projects

...refusing to feel overwhelmed by google reader...sort of...well, okay, I'm trying

...being so very inspired by my dear friend Kara's journey towards balance and simplicity and happiness, and knowing I *need* to start down that road myself

...relishing the changing of the seasons, and feeling incredibly blessed this first autumn in our new home


Jean said...

You've made me smile! There are so many good things in each of our lives if we only stop to look for them. Have a great day and a great weekend!

DesLily said...

oh wow.. once again i say you must have 72 hrs to every day!!! sheesh woman!

I am also envious of your fall leaves and cool weather.

Trish said...

Happy birthday to your baby!!! And those little crochet guys are just so dang adorable. I think I'm going to make it one of my 2013 goals to learn how to crochet.

So glad you posted some colors. We won't start seeing changes until November...

Chris said...

Yall are getting weather in the 30s already???? I'm so freaking jealous!!! And also a little afraid for your garden :( I'd hate to see you lose it so soon!! And it's still so weird to me because my fall tomatoes are just starting :p

I LOVE those little monsters :p I hope Gray loves them too!!! And make sure to give the Doodle and Gray a big birthday hug for me!!

Can't wait to see the seasons change at your new place :) Oh...and I'm SO with you on politics :/ I'm about to just block everything...left/right/center, etc on twitter and everything else because I can't take the ugliness that politics have become. Can we just take care of our country and stop fighting EACH OTHER for once?? It pisses me off SO much...ALL of these people forget what the reason for them having an office is actually for. It's not a fucking reality entertainment show!

Jason Gignac said...

Your aliens made me smile this morning :). Thanks.

Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

Love all of this. <3 Have a lovely week, Debi.

Debi said...

It makes me smile that I made you smile! :D

LOL--I wish I had 72 hours in every day! Or then again, maybe not...then I'd just feel like I had to clean more...

Oh I have no doubt that you can teach yourself to crochet! It's so ridiculously easy once you just get the hang of the basics. It's way easier (and faster) than knitting.

Yep--though the lows are mostly in the 40s, we've had two nights where it slipped into the upper 30s already. Suspect we'll see lots more of those in the very near future. And as horrible as I feel saying this, I'm actually going to be relieved when we can put the garden to bed for the is exhausting me! :P
I don't think I have to worry about Gray liking the little aliens--we saw a picture of similar little guys online one time, and he's been begging me ever since to make them. :P
As for politics--agreed! Disagreement is fine, in fact, it's probably essential. But the ugliness, the downright meanness, the lying--god, I'm sick to death of it!!! And you're absolutely right--it's coming from all sides and the middle. It just makes me so horrendously sad. :(

And knowing they made you smile just totally made my morning! :D

Awww, thank you. And Lu, I hope you have a super fantastic week, too! :D

Amanda said...

I love love love the hats!