Tuesday, October 30, 2012


(A draft for when I just want to say something, even though I'm supposed to be on a blogging hiatus.)

*Do you have a go-to response for those everything-is-too-fucking-overwhelming-right-now-and-I-just-want-to-give-up-and-cry moments? Do you stop and take deep breaths? Make yourself a cup of tea? Scream bloody murder and punch the ever-living snot out of your pillow? Or are you like me, and you sit yourself down and make exhaustive lists? What is it about making a list that is so damn calming anyway--is it just the fact that all those myriad tasks are now sitting neatly in one place and don't have to fight for attention inside one's brain? (10/25/12)

*What is it about "Passing Afternoon" (Iron & Wine)? Why does it make me cry every time I hear it? It's just beautiful, and it has such a melancholy feel to it, but if I'm being entirely honest, I couldn't tell you exactly what it is about. I mean I have my own little story in my head, but I've no idea if its what was intended when written. But I guess that is one of the wonderful things about art, huh, in that it can become to every person something different. (10/25/12)

*Awww...our beagle baby turns 10 today! Which pretty much means I shouldn't call him a "beagle baby," huh, seeing how that translates to 70 human years. :P He is having a banner day, too--a car ride, singing "Happy Birthday" to him (his most favorite song ever, and he cannot stop himself from singing/howling along), canned food mixed in with his kibble, and of course, getting to open a present. He shall be bummed tomorrow when all the attention switches to Gray. (10/26/12)

*Happy 12 to Gray!!! Original plans fell through, but we have made the most of it, and our young man seems to be having a wonderful day! 12 though? 12. Sheesh. (10/27/12)

*Thinking about everyone in Sandy's path, and hoping so much everyone stays safe!!! (10/29/12)

*We were barely affected personally by Sandy in our home. Much of the county was/is without power but we never lost ours; several roads closed due to flooding (the waves on the Lake were 20+ feet) but since since schools were closed (including Rich's) even that didn't affect us; lots of trees down but we had nothing but huge limbs fall and mostly in the wooded swampy area that we won't even have to clean up. Rich's Mom and brothers' families in Philly area are all fine (trees down and no power but physically fine), as is my aunt and uncle and cousin in Baltimore and Frederick areas (again trees down and no power but fine). But we're worried sick about our dear friends who live in New Jersey, about a mile from the ocean. I last heard from Kim around 1:00 yesterday afternoon and everything was fine then, but of course that was before it reached them. We haven't been able to get in touch with them at all today--not through email, or phone, or text. I keep searching for news on-line about their area but it's just making things worse, as I'm reading and seeing pictures of how bad it is without being about to tell anything about them of course. There are so many people in our shoes, just waiting to find out about loved ones. Like Lu, who is waiting to hear about family and her Grandpa's home...Lu, I so hope you've heard something by now!!! And of course, there are the thousands upon thousands upon thousands who are now trying to actually find a way to deal with the devastation that this storm brought to their lives. They will be in my thoughts, as I'm sure they're in yours. (10/30/12)

ETA: Haven't gotten to talk to our friends, but found out they are okay! Wish the same could be said for everyone.

*I guess since my brain is completely unable to focus on anything school prep related, it's a good time to catch up on some blog reading. Of course, I should be cleaning since Eva will be here in a few short days. :) Maybe I'll even write a wrap-up post for Trish's Pin It and Do It Challenge. (10/30/12)


Care said...

Lovely! Be calm and carry on. :)

DesLily said...

gosh your beagle baby and your baby baby both having birthdays! life flies by that's for sure.

good to hear Sandy didn't bother you... I am waiting to hear from my cousin who lives by the beach in southern Jersey. I am sure they are ok just wondering about their home.

good that you check in now and then so we know all is well! :o)

Jean said...

My stress response? Break something, usually an old-fashioned, non-mechanical pencil. I am glad you have all weathered the storm; we did here as well. Give my heartiest birthday wishes to Baker and Gray. All too soon, you will have two teenagers in the house. Enjoy your time with Eva. Someday I shall make good on my threat to visit, but first, I may go back to bed. I am only up now to see Don off on a one-day job interview trip to Boston.

Ana @ things mean a lot said...

Sadly I DON'T have a go-to response - not one that actually works, anyway :\ If lists work for you, then definitely keep doing them! Whatever works, right?

Happy belated birthday to your boys, four-legged and two-legged <3

Debi said...

Sounds like good advice. :P

Oh, I so hope you've heard from your cousin! The waiting to hear is just hell, isn't it?

You know I'm holding you to your threat, right???
Hmmm...I guess I need to quit getting annoyed with Max for breaking pencils when he's frustrated and feeling overwhelmed, huh?
Did you all end up with snow from the storm? Or truckloads of rain? Or both?

I sure wish you did! Writing lists probably sounds sort of silly for stress-relief, but it really does help me at least in the short term.
And thank you, I shall pass along your kind wishes. :D

Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

Apparently my way of dealing with stress these past few days has been to check out and watch silly dramas on television, like Switched at Birth and Gilmore Girls. Doesn't leave me feeling very productive, but at least I feel a little bit better. I'm so glad you heard from your friends, Debi! I finally relaxed last night after I heard from my uncle. Obama just gave his press conference FROM OUR ISLAND. It really does not compute. My uncle told us that the island is devastated, but by some miracle, there was NO flooding on our street. Feel so incredibly lucky.