Wednesday, January 9, 2013

documenting our life #ProjectLife style...week 1...

YAY! Week 1 done! 1/52 of the way through the year, and I'm not behind yet! :P

As often seemed to be the case when I attempted Project Life in the past, I had more stuff to include than would fit in a single spread, (I'm apparently not as good as I'd like to think at weeding stuff out) but that's an easy problem to solve--just add inserts.

Week One:

A closer look at the first page:

Mostly deals with Gray being sick and Baker becoming a legal beagle, with a few other photos we like from the week thrown in as filler. Used the pharmacy bag as a base to hold Gray's prescription thingies. Stuck in Baker's proof that he's licensed. Wee bit of sewing. And yes, I'm a corner rounder.

First side of insert:

The pictures aren't fantastic or anything, but I wanted our little ice cream sundae party documented. I'm using the computer to do most of my journaling this time around. I don't despise my handwriting, but I don't really like it either. I'll be sure to include bits of all of our handwriting as we go throughout the year though. (I'm pretty sure you can read the journaling by clicking on the photos, just in case you're interested.)

The spread with the insert flipped:

And a closer look at the back of the insert:

Just printed an enlargement of a picture taken out our bedroom window, then cut it into pieces. And see, already a wee bit of my handwriting.

And the last page:

A couple pictures of Annie and her girlfriend, a picture of Annie after her haircut, a receipt from the kids trip to the dentist (ugh!), and a short round-up of our week. I find that keeping a little journal to very briefly jot down each day's happenings helps me immensely in writing up the round-up. I've found in the past if I didn't do this, I tended to forget lots of little things that actually make up our lives.

Okay, now do you believe me, Trish??? You can do this!!!! And I can't wait to see the results! :D


Jean said...

Yay for making it through the week! I hope Gray is feeling better this week and that the snow doesn't totally desert you. We're supposed to have record warmth here this coming weekend, so you might be in trouble. I look forward to seeing, next Wednesday, what this week had in store for you!

DesLily said...

wow! a day will come when the kids look through things like this and *remember*.. what a wonderful gift!

Eva said...

I love that you're sharing these! I feel like I'm there with you. :) Sad to hear about the rhinos tho.

Care said...

Cool. Very nice. It is easier to do as it happens or quickly soon after, right?

Anonymous said...

Woot! That's awesome!! And I love the tree as the backside.

Kailana said...

So awesome! I hope mine looks HALF as nice! I am really not all that crafty, but I am going to try!

Ali said...

I've never heard of Project Life before but I love, love, love your pages! I'm checking out her video right now.

Trish said...

OMG I love Annie's hair.

And no, I don't believe you. I really wanted to start yesterday but I was too exhausted. I wonder if it's really even worth trying to start this right now. BUT I did get some stamps to do my dates and so now I just have to cut my paper, choose my pictures, and voila. Maybe I'll sit down to the computer tonight and print off some pictures...I have been keeping up with my daily notecard journal so that helps with details at least...

I LOVE the tree. How the heck did you do that???