Thursday, January 31, 2013

looking forward to February...

So. On that loose schedule I made myself for blogging, today should be a "book day." But well, ummmm, yeah...haven't finished a book in ages. I am actively reading three books that I'm loving the hell out of...but for me, "actively" does not equate to "quickly." Being the last day of the month (though I think the gods have been playing fast and loose with time because it sure doesn't feel like we've knocked off an entire month of this year already), I could write a little monthly reading wrap-up. But I'm still harboring unrealistic hopes of actually finishing a book today...and if that happened my post would be inaccurate, and we simply cannot have that.

These guys here are the ones currently being read. The Night Watch and Bad Science for Ana's and Iris's Long-Awaited Reads Month. *sigh* I sooooo wanted to finish them this month. It's still possible--I've got about 260 pages left between the two of them and we are between quarters in homeschool so I could take the day off and the howling winds and blowing snow make it seem like the perfect day to just curl up with a big old mug of tea and read away. (The Dead of the Night is the book Max and I are currently reading.)

These beauties here are part of the reason I'm so over-the-top excited for February--graphic novels theme month!!! (If Rich minds that I appropriated the entire top of our dresser because of my giddyness to see so many possibilities in one place, he has not voiced it to me. I'm assuming he doesn't, as he is pretty much always supportive my varying strategies for amusing myself.)

And yes, of course the various piles are categorized.

The library pile.

My pile of comics borrowed from my fellow family members--and yes, all the human members are represented...the stack of mangas from Annie, the Amulet books from Max, the mythology ones from Gray, and the rest from Rich.

Odds and ends I haven't yet read. Fiction.

The series, some in progress, a couple yet to started.

Odds and ends I haven't yet read. Non-fiction. And yes, beside that pile The Shining. My one non-theme book for the month because I just can't resist #shineon with Ms. Jill.

So. Where should I start??? What should I read first??? And second??? And third??? (You know, if I actually ever finish my current reads.) You must help me--this many choices is overwhelming! (In a good way, of course.) And while we're at it, are there others I really need to get my hands on???


Jean said...

I shall not be much help with this because I have not read a graphic anything since the Classics Illustrated comics I devoured as a child. Enjoy!

DesLily said...

holy moley! and like Jean I have never read a graphic novel...heh.. the last one I ever saw were old "star trek" pocket book sized with real photo's but "bubbles" of speech.. I would kill for them now! I also have the Night Watch that I need to get to some day!

all I can say is that you and Chris are going to go bonkers with them! lol lol I hope you totally enjoy the reads!!!

(as for non fiction I am reading book 2 on Eleanor Roosevelt. It's the most non fiction I've ever read !!!)

Care said...

Your copy of THE SHINING is pink!??! Happy Graphics Novels month. :D

Ali said...

That's a heck of a lot of graphic novels! I'm really excited for your graphic novel month, because Evan's been asking for some new ideas for GNs and I'm hoping to get some suggestions from you.

Carl V. said...

So much great stuff there, thrills me to see the stacks!

I love Anya's Ghost. It is a fairly quick read and the art is wonderful.

The Watchmen blew me away when I read it a couple of years ago. Has a good complex story line. Dark in places, but ultimately I think it is worthy of all the praise.

Debi said...

If you ever want to read another comic, I really think you'd love The Sandman!

You know what--while you're reading and watching all this stuff from the WWII era, it would make a great time to read The Night Watch as that's when it's set. And it is soooo good!

LOL...yeah, seems a bit incongruous, doesn't it? :P

Well, I hope I read a few that will strike his fancy. Better yet, more than a few! :)

Thank you--I'm going to start with Anya's Ghost then! :D And maybe I start The Watchmen this weekend, too, when I have some time to just curl up and get lost in it. So much awesome reading...squeeeeeeeeee...

Carl V. said...

Yes, with that stack you are going to have one heck of a good month.

Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

Ahhh! Your stack of comics is AMAZING!

John said...

Love your comic stacks.
Start with FunHome. Or don't start there, because it'll make everything else seem to be a little bit less.

Fables is a lot of fun, but it goes on too long. Ditto Y: The Last Man.