Wednesday, February 27, 2013

documenting our life #ProjectLife style...weeks 7 and 8...

Before I provide that photographic proof that I am indeed still plugging away at Project Life, I want to thank Kelly and Trish. After pestering the ever-living crap out of them about doing Project Life with me, they've become my unknowing watchdogs. I can't possible give up if they're sticking with it, right? Yep, for once guilt is working for me. :P

With winter break last week, I did get a little behind. So I had to do two weeks this time instead of just one. But yay me--I still managed.

Week 7 spread:

A closer look at side 1:

And at side 2:

There was a lot going on that week, so I ended up needing two slots for the weekly "what we did" cards. This was actually a good thing as I just didn't take a ton of photos that week.

Close up of the journaling, in case anyone actually wants to read it:

Week 8 spread:

A closer look at side 1:

And an even closer look at this photo...just because it cracks me up every time I see it:


I got some lovely postcards from some lovely friends this month and really wanted to include them, but at the same time didn't want to cut them down to fit in the 4X6 pockets. Solution: Add a couple of 5x7 inserts and simply stick them in. Gotta love easy, right?

Side 2:

Again I needed more than one slot for the "what we did" cards:

And finally, it was time for another family favorite recipe (the recipe is inside the tabbed card):

So YAY--8 weeks in and all caught up! Only 44 more weeks to go. Sheesh...all of sudden, 8 weeks doesn't sound all the impressive.

Okay, I know this is already a really long post, but I just *have* to add some good stuff. It's just been such a fabulous morning, not life-changing or anything, but just plain chocked full of awesomeness:

*My inbox was filled with wonderful! An unbelievably special birthday gift from an unbelievably special friend. I wish I could say more, but it's one of those things where it's just not my place to talk about it, if you know what I mean.

*More wonderfulness in the inbox--incredibly good news from another friend I love dearly. (And I really don't even want to say who, because I don't want to invade her privacy.) But it's the kind of news where I feel like going around and hugging everyone I see.

*Big beautiful snowflakes falling.

*Maybe my most exciting glimpse of wildlife on our little swamp yet--I saw a mink running across the frozen pond. So cool.

*Getting Gray out of bed in the morning is usually one of the low-lights of my day. He just can't sleep at night (never has been able to), and it's not till early morning when he finally zonks. Homeschooling lets me cater to his natural rhythms somewhat, but I also have to keep in mind the window of time in my day that I'm feeling my best with the fibro. Anyway, this morning's "wake up" went so so so well. And for that I am exceedingly grateful.

*The geese. There were seven of them out on the frozen pond. They came walking in single file, but then sort of broke up and spread out. And then they started shifting positions and whatnot. It looked so much like they were working out choreography for some big dance number or something, and I just could not stop giggling. Okay, maybe I am too easily amused, but frankly, I like it that way. :P

Here's wishing you all a day filled loads and loads of good stuff too!!!


Ali said...

Hooray for good news that makes you want to hug everyone! Also: such sweet pictures of kiddo and snuggly dog.

Jean said...

You might want to warn that mink about the Christmas ornament you sent me. I'm just sayin'.

Debi said...

Yeah, isn't that kind of news just the best? :)

You totally crack me up!!! But the mink is safe, I assure you. And Rich had no part in killing the mink from which your ornament was made (or any other mink for that matter). :p

Susan said...

I loved reading about your two weeks. And the cherry chip scone looks delicious! It's delightful getting this glimpse of your family life, Debi. Happy late birthday, too!

Good news is wonderful, and it's lovely that it made you want to hug everyone! That is fabulous.

Love your wildlife! A mink!!! so very lucky (despite the overflowing toilet, and hope you could save some of the fabric.)

Eva said...

Heart that photo of Annie & Rich!!!

And I seriously love this project, because it lets me imagine I'm still visiting w y'all. :D