Saturday, February 9, 2013

yep, another project...

This is a post to cheer myself up. Though I guess I don't need cheered up anymore--my spirits, if not my body, are *much* better than last evening. I really should just leave yesterday in the past...there's no need to bitch about Rich getting rear-ended, and Gray and I having to shovel tons of heavy snow when I was already in a flare-up because we knew there was no way Rich would be able to get his little car in the driveway, and it taking Rich over two hours to make the normally 25 minute drive home from work, and having my muscles go into near total shut-down by evening, and getting almost no sleep because of the pain, and now not being able to walk the ten steps to the bathroom without tears flowing down my face. There's no need, but I just did it anyway. :p I sound a little bitter, no? But you know what, like I said, my spirits really are much better than they had been...

1.) Rich fixed up a little table at just the absolute perfect height so I can type without having to strain my arms or my neck at all. So I can sit in my comfy reading chair in my pjs with my unwashed hair (ummm...uncombed hair at that), wrapped in my heating pads all day reading graphic novels and hopefully some blogs as well.

2.) The view outside my window here is spectacularly magical! We didn't get a ton of snow--only about 15 inches, though it's still falling--but certainly enough to make everything look gorgeous. I always love this view, especially with snow...but there's just something about this latest snow that I can't describe and that pictures don't really capture. As Rich and I were saying to each other, it's so enchanting, so pristine, that it almost looks fake.

3.) Annie is giddily excited about tonight...she and her girlfriend, Dani, are going to a Valentine masquerade ball. For teens, sponsored by the Gay Alliance. And she will get to wear her gothic lolita dress. Yes, she is over the moon. :)

4.) And finally, there's my new project! I know, I know--I am a project junkie! But at least I'm in good company--Kelly is every bit as bad as I am, right Kells? :p

So, the latest project. I'm calling it 49 lists. It's in honor of turning 49, which I am about to do. 49 (and 4 and 9) have always been my favorite idea why. Does everyone have favorite numbers? Anyway, in honor of completing 49 years on the planet, I'm going to make 49 lists through the coming year. I've already made the first one actually, because it will come into play before my actual birthday. "49 Wishes for Pampering During My Birthday Week" See, I'm incredibly lucky--my birthday always falls during winter break. Which means that Rich has no classes to teach and the kiddos have off of school. And most years, the kiddos go to my parents for a few days and Rich and I get a few days to recharge. This year, winter break will run from the evening of the 15th through the evening of the 24th. And while I'm sure I won't get every single item crossed off my list, I'm going to shoot for as many as I can!


DesLily said...

lol I sent a second pic all white and bright but I see you got it white yourself.. oh well LOL

ouchie sorry you had to dig so much I used to do that up north when my X was a work knowing he had to get into the driveway... 75 freeking feet and one LOOOOOooong drift! It never failed to be a drift down the driveway and always at least waist high! but now I am OLD and snow is beautiful once again because even if I lived in it I cannot shovel it!! heh.

ohhhh well I hope you get spoiled even MORE than what's on your list!!!!! boy if that was done for me maybe I'd have "liked" birthdays instead of dreading them! lol

Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

I LOVE BIRTHDAY LISTS. I usually make one for my birthday every year, but maybe I should make 25. 25 is a big birthday after all. I hope you have a wonderful pampered birthday, Debi! Enjoy the snow. I'm sorry things were so rough for you last night and I hope they get better!

Kailana said...

Well, last night sounds like it was terrible! I am glad today is going a bit better. We were just out on the roads here and they are terrible... We also have not completed shovelling out. I am on strike for this storm. We agreed we would get a plow. That still has not happened. (Actually they are doing it right now. Yay!)

I am really bad with projects, I know. I get bored... I keep some up. Some turn out to not work for me. I have done photo-a-day for almost a year. Kept my day-by-day journal about two weeks longer than the picture taking. Have been corresponding with people regularly. (Postcard on its way to you right now!) And this year I am adding Project Life to the mix... Other things... Well, I keep forgetting about. There are only so many hours in the day. :)

Good luck with your new project! Projects just keep life interesting and have lead me to do things I never imagined actually doing!

Ali said...

"Only" 15 inches. Hahahaha! I know they got much more in some parts of the country but it still struck me as funny.

I'm so sorry you're in so much pain, but glad your spirits have lifted and LOVE your birthday list. Can't wait to see the others!

Susan said...

49 lists.....oooh it sounds like a fun challenge! Though the easy part is making the list, the hard part for me is doing them! I have lists on my fridge for stuff around the house that needs doing that have been there for years.

Though...I am turning 50 this year, and have been wondering how to celebrate it. Big trip? nothing? Special plant in garden? Make a list of 50 special things to do this year would be a very cool way to celebrate. :-)

Have a lovely 49th birthday, Debi. and I hope all the 49 wishes comes true for you!