Tuesday, March 5, 2013

documenting our life #ProjectLife style...week 9...

Yep, I'm a day early this week. Quite the rebel with my blogging schedule this week--ha! I'm early because I really, really didn't feel like doing this week, so I forced myself to just get it over with. (Not wanting to do it has nothing to do with Project Life itself, but more with my overall state of mind--more on this shortly.)

Week 9 spread:

Side 1:

We didn't have much out of the ordinary going on this week, and I just hadn't taken many photos, so to fill in some space I snapped a handful of pics yesterday of little bits of our home. It was an idea I'd wanted to try to throw in a few times a year anyway, so this was the perfect week to start.

Side 2:

Okay, that state of mind thing. I seem to have donned my grumpy pants lately. :( I'm not sure what the hell this funk is about, but I'm just plain cranky. It's bad enough being grumpy and having a reason why, but to be this out-of-sorts for no apparent reason, well that just sucks. Of course, maybe that just helps balance out those periods where I'm inexplicably happy for stretches, huh?

Anyway, I think I'm going to unplug for a bit. By a bit, I don't know if I mean a few days or a few weeks or even longer. (I'll probably still instagram and maybe twitter on my iPod, but if I find that I'm letting that become a time suck I'll just have to set that aside too.) There are just some things I sorely need to get done around here:

1. I'd love to have everything finished for this quarter of school before the end of the month when spring break rolls around, so I can spend spring break concentrating on the final quarter of the year.

2. Our house needs a major cleaning. I haven't even taken down the kids' Christmas trees yet. *sigh*

3. I had high hopes of making all my friends some sort of gift for their birthdays this year. I'm already in major fail here...and I'd really like to get caught back up.

4. It's nearly time to start planting all those hundreds of seeds. And I need to draw up some plans for what we want to try to accomplish in the garden expansion arena this year.

5. I'd so love to finally spend a little time on home improvement projects of the beautifying type, as opposed to the "OMFG-yet another damn emergency to deal with" type.

6. Although all the above seem to negate this one, I'd love to just take some down time to try to get some decent sleep and some physical and mental rest in hopes of getting this fibro under some semblance of control again.

It goes without saying, but I will so miss you all!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful March!!!


DesLily said...

don't feel bad about the xmas tree... my brother always left his up until his birthday on March 17th :o) I hope you are aound in time for Once Upon a Time!

oh and just tell everyone to P-ss off and they will leave you alone! lol that should cure the grumpyness.

Ali said...

Hope you find your way out of your funk, Debi. I'm glad I joined Instagram just in time to keep up with you there, at least!

Eva said...

Enjoy your unplugging! & I hope you get rest too!

My moods have been oscillating widely lately, and the funks are so frustrating. Hope yours ends soon! I'm so impressed you powered through and did this post anyway. And I love the photos you included of your home. :D

Vasilly said...

I think it's a great idea to take time off from blogging. You have a lot that you want to do and blogging can (and does) get in the way of that. I hope you accomplish everything you want to do.

Anonymous said...

Happy Down Time, Debi! ;-)