Tuesday, March 12, 2013

good stuff...

*The pond/swamp continues to bring so much entertainment. The last couple of weeks have seen the geese arriving back in droves. The really warm weather we had over the weekend allowed the pond to melt a bit, so the big frozen center part has a bit off water lying atop the ice. When the geese began their daily territorial battles this morning, there was quite a bit of slipping and sliding going on. So utterly comical.

*A purring kitty in my lap as I read.

*A pair of mallards showed up for the first time this year. :)

*My seeds from Baker Creek arrived today! Mostly old standbys like Bonny Best tomatoes and jalapenos, but also a few things we've never tried to grow before like broccoli and cauliflower as well. Trying to hold off until the end of March to get these babies started, but it's oh-so-hard. :P

*On a related note, the cabbage seeds Gray and I planted last week are taking off like gangbusters! (And the onions are beginning to sprout too.)

*Those rushes of love and gratitude that hit out-of-the-blue and seem to just fill you to overflowing. I had one a couple days ago when I caught a glimpse of Rich standing out by the swamp.

*Colors. Every last beautiful one of them.

*Big sweet puppy dog eyes that make you forget what a pill the beagle sporting those eyes has been. :P

*Heating pads, fuzzy socks, and hot tea.


Jean said...

Blogger ate the comment I tried to leave you yesterday; we shall see if it is hungry again today. I love the comical geese description, and am smiling as I imagine geese slipping and sliding as they attack one another. As for the doggie eyes, I think I need to go look at the ones here for continued smiles. I hope today is a rich one for you and yours.

DesLily said...

so nice to have a "swamp" to watch over and see all the critters! (but I still don't like spiders or snakes!)

Ali said...

Ahhh, love those out-of-the-blue rushes of appreciation for the people we love and this life that somehow manages to belong to us! (And love your whole list of good things...and the puppy eyes, especially)!