Monday, March 25, 2013

tidbits and babbling...

...yeah, sort of seems like babbling is all I do anymore. I'm still working on trying to live the life my heart desires, but it is not without its bumps and setbacks and moments of questioning. Actually lots of questioning. Like what to do about blogging. While I love keeping my own little journal of life, I'm not sure it need to be out there in the world...I feel as if it does nothing but take up space, if that makes any sense outside my own head. Anyway, what to do about this blog is one of the many things on my mind lately.

Other things:

*It's been a couple of hard days on the animal friends front. We've had mice for many years now. They generally only live a couple of years, and, of course, it's always sad when one of them dies. They are all such sweet little creatures, but every once in a while one of them just totally captures our hearts. Wilt managed to dig his way in deeper than I ever thought possible. He was such a character! His favorite thing was to beg for Fruit Loops. It didn't matter that he had a bowlful of treats and food, he wanted you to feed him by hand. :) Wilt died a few days ago...we knew it was coming. That's one of things about the mice, we really get to see them live their lives from youngsters through adulthood through old age. But Wilt will be missed. So much.

*And then this morning, we had another death. Max came downstairs after getting dressed, and his eyes were all red, and it was obvious he was fighting back tears. Until he couldn't quite hold them back any longer and they started pouring over. He's like me, but to a much greater degree--when he's upset, he has a hard time talking. But I eventually guessed what had happened...Kine, his betta had died during the night. Max loved that fish so very much.

*On a happier animal note, I've been enjoying watching the small herd of deer out behind our little swamp again this morning. I wonder if they will still show up once all the houses are built back there. I also saw my first red-winged blackbird this morning, another sign that spring is indeed coming. And the geese are still having daily battles on the frozen pond. :P

*On the bookish front, Maxidoodle and I finished Darkness Be My Friend, the fourth book in the Tomorrow series. Sadly, this means we're now over halfway through the series. Honestly, this one was both Max's and my least favorite so far. But we still liked it.

*Gray and I started reading Pendragon: The Merchant of Death last night (not for school, purely for fun). I know my nephew enjoyed this series years back when he was Gray's age, but I honestly haven't heard much else about them. Anyone read them?

*I reread To Be a Slave last week. It was no less powerful the second time around. I'm having Gray read this for school this week. I was thinking about how horrified and upset he's going to be. And I was trying to figure out why I'm going to make him read this, while I went and censored a line right out of Huck Finn for him a couple weeks ago. But all I can say to explain it, is that I think he needs to be horrified and upset by slavery. To keep him from the ugliness of this country's history does him no favors. I wonder if I seem hypocritical by shielding him from an ugly line that felt completely gratuitous in a work of fiction while not shielding him from the horrifying reality of slavery. It does not *feel* hypocritical in my heart and mind.

*My kids have me addicted to Plague Inc. It does nothing to further my goals for a creative, loving, appreciative, sustainable, informed life. Nothing. But I can't stop playing. :P

*I think I have too many crochet projects currently in progress.

And I wonder why I never seem to *finish* anything.

*Anyone participate in Earth Hour? We playing a rousing game of Don't Quote Me in front of the fire. It was neck-and-neck between Rich and Gray for most of the game, but Rich pulled out the win at the end. He then declared he actually likes board games after all. :P

*Rich had a great day on Friday. He got to meet and spend several minutes talking to one of his heroes, Tyrone Hayes, when he went to see him lecture at one of our many local colleges. Evidence of his admiration: we have two corn snakes, they are named Darwin and Tyrone. :)

*I spent my Friday in a slightly less enjoyable way--I had an appointment with my rheumatologist. Not that I mind going there. I thought he might change my fibro medication as I've been having so many bad days lately, but he didn't. He did, however, diagnosis me with carpal tunnel syndrome. No big deal--it's not bad and doesn't really bother me all that much, so wearing a brace at night should do the trick.

*Next week is spring break. It's early this year. Anyway, I am determined to finally start some painting in this house. I know I need to keep a slow and easy pace; I know I can't spend 8 or 10 hours painting walls or my body would pay the price. But it's not going to get done if I don't ever get started, now is it? :P

Sheesh, Debi, shut up already! I didn't realize how long this was getting as I just kept pulling it up to add to every time I had a minute here and there. Yep, I can babble.

Hope everyone enjoys this final week of March!!!


Jean said...

I understand your conflict about blogging, Debi. Keeping up a blog while I'm in Vietnam doesn't feel like putting too much out there. It's better than sending multiple emails to different people with the same info. If they want to know how the trip is going, look at the blog. It's a trip journal for me and letters for everyone else. Keeping a blog going here is much harder because I keep thinking no, I don't want so-and-so to read that or ouch, that comment would offend whomever. Your call. Should you decide to go quiet, I would certainly miss keeping up with you and yours. I would understand, though. It sounds as if there have been some ups and downs lately. Life at its best, eh? Hugs!

Care said...

Ah, but I love your updates. I have a ton of unfinished projects, too. In fact, my unfinished mosaic that I call Wilhelmina? Well, she's still naked and I'm only 1/4 if that from getting her all covered (with tile) and they are starting to drop off! The glue isn't holding! yikes. I really need to set a weekend and do nothing but. She's been waiting to be clothed for years now...

Sorry about Wilt and the fish. hugs, C

DesLily said...

a blog lets you know people better even if we never meet in person..but one should do what is comfortable to do.. and that includes blogging or not blogging or blogging once a month etc...

I love reading about your it kids, animals, husband, flowers, crafting..i love your diversity of it all!!

Vasilly said...

Your babbles are always interesting! :-) Poor animals. My kids have been asking for a pet mouse. I don't know if we will take the leap yet. I hope your bad days go away. If you end up painting the walls next week, take pictures!