Thursday, April 11, 2013

tidbits and babblings...

*Boo. I do believe I'm getting sick. It could be that I'm just entering a flare with the fibro, the pain just started going crazy on my last evening and hasn't let up. But I've just got this inkling that there's more to it. Just please don't be the flu too.

*Yay! I started a new book for Once Upon a Time that I'm really loving! Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor. It's early, but I am completely sucked in! In fact, I sort of wish I'd saved this book for Dewey's Read-a-Thon because it's the kind of book that just begs to be devoured in a single sitting.

*Boo. Work is going full tilt on the housing development that's being built behind us. So depressing. I can't wait for the trees to leaf out so I don't have to see it anymore. At the moment, it's hard to ignore as the spot where I generally work is at our bedroom window which faces right out towards it. I'm hoping the trees will help at least a bit with the noise as well. It's so damn noisy--construction vehicles from 7:30 to 5:00 Monday through Saturday. And how much more annoying will it be when it warms up and we want to have the windows open and are spending lots of time in the yard and garden. *sigh*

*Yay! Max heads off to middle school next year. While I'm not at all familiar with the school and how they do things, we have learned that the kids and teachers are divided into three different houses. The letters just went out about what houses the kids will be in. Max has made two really good friends since we've moved here--and all three of them will be in the same house!

*Boo. And Yay! Rich and I get to go to Max's soon-to-be middle school tonight. Not really an orientation, but more of an initial look around and meet the teachers for his particular house. This is a boo simply because I'm not feeling well and because I hate being in crowds of people. But really it's a Yay! I've never before even seen the outside of the building, let alone the inside, so it will be nice to get acquainted with the place that Maxidoodle is going to be spending much of the next three years. I sort of wish he got to come along, but this is a "for parents only" sort of thing...and there's plenty more opportunities for us all to get to know the school coming up in the future here.

*Yay! The mallard couple on the pond/swamp just makes me so happy. I love watching them. While I hate assuming that I can tell what other species think and feel, I just can't help but view this couple as so in love. Seriously, they are just so very sweet to watch.

*Boo. Well, it's happened. I've let myself get really far behind on Project Life. The one thing I didn't want to do with this project...because I know myself all too well, and this is usually the thing that causes me to fail. I'm not giving up, but I know it's going to take determination and perseverance to get caught back up. And you know, I'm just not feeling it right now.

*Yay! I did start a new crafty project that I'm really excited about! Yes, I did tell myself that I couldn't start any new crochet projects until I finished some. Apparently, I'm not a good listener. But I forgive myself...mostly because this is one of those projects that is coming out even better than I'd had it pictured in my mind. :) I decided to put all those old, outgrown, stained, and/or holey tees that I've been saving for a bajillion years and slowly turning into t-shirt yarn to use. See I decided to start the painting/building stuff/fixing up around this house. I've started with the little hallway--I know, talk about anti-climactic, huh? :P There's not much to be done. Mostly just painting-ish stuff. And maybe putting together a small gallery wall. And, getting/making some sort of runner to add some color to the area. And yep, that's where the t-shirt yarn comes in--I decided to crochet a runner for the space. I haven't gotten far yet, but I do so love how it's turning out:

*Yay! While I'm not generally as eager as most people to say goodbye to winter (good thing, as we're to have a bit of snow this morning, followed by freezing rain), I'm by no means upset by the arrival of spring. And there is just something magical about those first blooms, isn't there? The daffodils have oodles of buds, and while they aren't yet blooming, I suspect they will be soon. In the meantime though, we have coltsfoot and glory of the snow! :D  With last year's freakish weather, they bloomed extremely early so they had come and gone before me moved in last year...extra Yay! for happy surprises!

*Yay! It looks like there's a very good chance that we're going to have a special guest staying with us sometime in the next month or so. Probably not nice of me to tease by not saying who (it's someone most of you know), but it's one of those "not my place to talk about first" things. But it is a definite happy thing. :)

*Yay! Oh my gosh, speaking of happy things--Andi's post...massive happy tears! Not only am I obviously happy for Andi and her fiance--she sounds blissfully happy, but sheesh, the whole Andi and Heather are finally going to meet in person thing! I just feel like I could burst open with joy thinking about it! And it makes me all the more hopeful that I really, really, really will meet Ana in person one of these days...that would be a dream come true! That *will* be a dream come true!

Lots more Yays than is good.


Ana @ things mean a lot said...

OF COURSE we're going to meet! Even if something gets in the way of your and Rich's trip (*knocks on wood*), Mathie are I have already agreed that New York will be our first "big trip" as soon as we can afford one. We just need a little bit more financial stability, but we're getting there. Also, this year was made impossible by the fact that he's going back to Brazil for a couple of weeks (for the first time in 3 years, so fair enough :P), but give us a bit more time and we'll be knocking on your door :D

PS: So sorry you're getting sick :( I hope it's not the flu and that you feel better soon!

Heather said...

Boo! I hate you're not feeling well. Start taking echinachea, zinc, and lots of vitamin C! And get some rest. I know you, you're not getting that, are you? Hmmm??

I KNOW! I can hardly believe we're finally going to meet! I've known her almost half my life and we've never even talked on the phone! So ridiculous. But soon remedied! I wish everyone could come!

And you WILL meet Ana! I just KNOW it.

DesLily said...

oh my..I hope you don't get the flu on top of anything else!(barf city!)..

love the flowers!!! and love the new craft project! your 16 year old daughter is beautiful, which I forgot to mention with the happy birthday stuff!..

I hope you get baby ducks !!!

and most of all I hope the Fibro goes away to rest for a long time!

Care said...

BOO that you had anything to boo about and YAY!!! that you had more YAYs the the bummer boos. :)
And a thank you that you have somehow prompted me to put a reminder in my phone to take the flowers home that are on my desk at school - next week (yay!!!) is spring break and I don't want my happy pink GerberaDaisies to be lonely.

Ali said...

Can you just pick up Project Life where you are, and fill in the rest if you get the chance to do a little more? It seems so easy to get bogged down in trying to catch up, especially if you're not feeling great. But here's hoping the not-feeling-well is a false alarm, or passes quickly.

I hope you get to have your secret visitor--and I'm sure you'll get to meet Ana one of these days!

Anonymous said...
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Eva said...

Eeeeek! Hope it is not the flu. *exorcises evil viruses from you*

I think it's a good thing to start w a smaller space for DIY, not anti-climactic! & your house is so bright & cheerful & welcoming & lovely already, I don't think it needs work.

Eva said...

(Also, the fact that I can comment about your house because I've BEEN THERE and HUNG OUT WITH YOU and MET YOU and your AWESOME FAMILY makes me squee so much!!!)

Chris Howard said...

I'm so sorry that you're getting sick Debs :( I hope it goes away soon :( But I'm EXTREMELY happy that there are more YAYS than BOOS in this post :)

Debi said...

Ana, I do believe your comment has made me happier than anything else this year has. :D :D :D

Thank you my dear...I actually think it is "just" a fibro flare after all. And yeah, just visualizing your meeting in my mind makes me all teary-eyed, so I can only imagine how it must feel for you. :D

Yep, lots more Yays! than Boos...who can ask for more, right? :D Oooh, and pink gerbera daisies sound lovely!

Yeah, I've done that in the past. It's just that once I loose my momentum, I just never seem to get fully on board again. Persistence, Debi, persistence. :P

Ha! You're just being kind--this place borders on "shithole" status. But we're trying... :P By the way, I think you've got secret (now not-so-secret) powers--I think the whole sickness thing was a false alarm after all. :)

I know--aren't Yays! awesome?!! Hope you've got lots of Yays! going on too!!! Will definitely be emailing this weekend...I've been utterly disorganized and scattered lately. *sigh*

Eva said...

Yay for my super power! And you can ask my mom: I came home gushing about how much I loved your house!!!

Susan said...

Flower pictures, yaaay! Fibro flare up - boo!!! and a secret visitor too maybe :-) this was a lovely post about life, Debi. Your posts are lively and interesting and you know whether you succeed (which we all wish for you) or fail, we are with you, succeeding and failing at things in our own lives. YOur post reminds me that life is made up of everything good and bad. I hope the yaaays get much more plentiful for you this year!

and it sucks about the new sub-division too. Hurry up leaves to give you a green view :-)