Monday, June 10, 2013


5 people + 1 small car + 14 hours round trip + 5-6-ish hours driving in crazy city traffic + 2 days of relentless rain + 1 day of gorgeous weather + 1 museum + 1 zoo + 1 bookstore -------> megatons of exhaustion + lots of fun
(Our largely unplanned trip to NYC, in a nutshell.)

Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. Andrea (aka more rain).

American Museum of Natural History.

The Bronx Zoo.


Andi said...

Y'all are a brave bunch, and it looks like so much fun!!!!

Jean said...

Cool! It looks as though you didn't have rain the whole time, or were the zoo photos taken inside? I got your letter and the book. I hope you enjoy the Gaiman one. It's good soul food for artists and artist-wannabees.

Debi said...

I think you may be confusing bravery and idiocy. :P

Nope, Saturday was actually quite glorious (the "+ 1 day of gorgeous weather"), sunny but not hot. In fact, we'd meant to hit the Met after the zoo, but it was just too nice (weather and zoo itself) to pull ourselves away.
Glad you got the book...finally, huh? :/ And I can pretty much guarantee I'm going to adore the Gaiman one! Thanks again, dear friend!

Eva said...

What fun!!! Other than the driving, which sounds terrifying. I cannot wait to live w/in a train ride of NYC! :D

Care said...

THE ZOO!! :)

Chris Howard said...

Well it looks like it's certainly a memorable trip if anything :D And I love all of these pictures SO much!!!!! We never did get to go to the zoo down here did we? Next time y'all come here it's a definite!!! I know y'all would love it :)