Thursday, August 1, 2013

good stuff...

*Songs that just I just can't get enough of. Currently those songs would include "Runaway" (The National), "New Slang" (The Shins), "Janglin" (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros), and "Cold October" (Escondido).

*Deliciously cool breezes coming through the window every night.

*A cuddly kitty in the lap while reading.

*Walks in the woods with my sweetie.

*Super successful thrifting trips.

*A night heron who calls in the dead of night. It always weirds me out a bit, as it's so loud and somewhat eerie, but it is so very, very cool.

*Rediscovering my love of scrapbooking.

*Listening to nature's songs as I sit working by the window...the tweets and chirps of birds...the clicks and hums of insects...the rustling of leaves in the wind...the croaks and splashes of frogs...

*Anticipating a fun, relaxing three-day weekend. A weekend that will include our 23rd anniversary. :)

*Mini book binges from Book Closeouts...and the way books make me think of people I love (this is so an Ana pile).

*The overwhelming feeling of being grateful for every new day.

*Getting to hear your good stuff in the comments. Pretty please...


Jean said...

Good stuff around here: new laptop is working wonderfully; spent some birthday money on clothes (on sale) I would not have otherwise bought and the book "A Year of Pies: A Seasonal Tour of Home Baked Pies"; cooler days though not by much; and 6:00 a.m. workouts that get the days started just right.

Debi said...

That surely does sound like some mighty fine good stuff! :) <--Yep, that smile is definitely adorning my face. So thank you!

DesLily said...

I love love love the photo of the trees!!!!!!

ANd real "new" books! cool beans!! I hope you enjoy them (I know you will).. glad things are stillso extra special! I wish it would always be like this for you!

Eva said...

Oh what a good list! I want a sweetie to go for walks in the wood with! Well I guess I have a four legged one. ;D

My good things:

My mom and niece got home from a month long trip!

Finalising my Ecuador plans (!!!)!

All of the delicious fruit available right now for rock bottom prices!

Knowing my new shoes are the perfect warm weather walking shoes for me (I got a pair of those Aurora Shoe Co that I showed you on my last visit. Actually I have two pairs: one I bought from them the other I got off ebay for only $30! Sweet!).

My hair's almost back to a blunt bob & is now long enough that I can wear it without any product again! I forgot how silky it is on its own!

Debi said...

Thanks! I love that photo too. It was just such a peaceful, relaxing place to be. :D

Yay!!! I ADORE your list of good stuff, and now have extra reasons to smile! Thank you!!!

Vasilly said...

Good stuff:

Finding ways to get out of this years-long rut I've been in.

Straightening up my apartment and getting rid of things I no longer want or need.

Making peace with my past and moving forward.

Debi said...

Ah man, that may be the best good stuff list ever! It totally made me smile right from the heart! :) *hugs*