Sunday, January 12, 2014

good stuff...

*I finished my second book of the year yesterday (along with my first, which I already wrote about). A People's History of American Empire by Howard Zinn, Mike Konopacki, and Paul Buhle. So good. A graphic novel that both relates the history of the U.S. in terms of it's imperial ambitions and corporate greed, but also relates a bit about Howard Zinn's personal history. I only wish it were longer, both because I know there's so much more to tell and also because there were a few times when the book felt a bit "jumpy." This would make an awesome read for next month's graphic novel month...and yes, Chris and Rich, I'm looking at you--I really think you'd both love it too.

*Rich, Max, and I had another binge session of The Walking Dead last night. We watched five episodes and are now a little over halfway through season 3. I consider this Good Stuff because 1. it's so much fun watching with Rich and Max, and 2. I just love this show so much! But damn, is it an emotionally exhausting show. It doesn't pay to get invested in the characters and yet it is impossible not too (at least for me). I *love* these people. And it causes nothing but heartbreak. No one is sacred to the writers...for every bit of joy there are a dozen instances where your heart is ripped out.

*I finally finished Aldo's and Lucky's cat pillow. It was supposed to be a Christmas present...but yeah, better late than never.

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Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

You got your cats to sit on something meant for cats?!?! When I had a kitty she wouldn't go near anything that had been specifically made for a cat, ever. :)