Thursday, January 27, 2011

and off we go...

Blogging. I'm blogging again. :) Yesterday, I woke up excited about posting something. And as I was going through the morning routine, I even came up with an idea about what I was going to post about. My favorite pasta primavera recipe. As I was planning on whipping up a huge batch, I figured I could even include pictures and everything. Well, you know that whole best-laid plans thing...

I had the pasta cooking, and realized I needed to finish washing up the dishes in the sink so I'd be able to drain and cool the pasta. Reaching into the sudsy water, I grabbed a hold of a glass, having no idea it had broken in the sink. Yep, sliced my index finger but good, right down near where it joins my hand. Stupid sucker would not stop bleeding. And while I did have the presence of mind to turn off the stove, that pasta was stuck sitting there in the pot of hot water. So, yeah, by the time I'd finally got my finger patched up nearly half an hour later (did I mention that it did not want to stop bleeding?), that pasta was not looking so great. And I really didn't think that showing off my bloated rotini was really the way I wanted to kick things know, despite the fact that that is the reality of my life. :P

So here we are, another new day. A fresh chance to babble away. And strongly on my mind these days--homeschooling. Most immediately because I just finished Annie's second quarterly report for the year. Which yes, I admit, every time I finish one I sort of have this overwhelming feeling that a true celebration is in order. :D

But there's also the fact that Annie started a new semester of classes at the community college this week...and I'm sort of jealous. Okay, so I don't really want to take her German class. (I'd be pretty darn lost seeing how I haven't taken German 101.) However, I really wouldn't mind taking Intermediate Algebra course with her. I've never been a huge math geek, but I have to admit that I always really loved algebra. But most of all, I really want to take her Evolution class (taught by none other than Rich--and normally she wouldn't take a class taught by her dad, but since he's the only one who teaches it, there wasn't any choice).
I mean, come on, the textbook is by Carl Zimmer! Other required reading--Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation by Michael Keller and The Ancestor's Tale by Richard Dawkins. Yes, I've read the graphic novel and I'm in the process of slowly reading the Dawkins book, but come on, doesn't this class just sound awesome?!! (Or has Rich just finally managed to warp my brain with his science geekery? :P )

But even more than these two things, there's the fact that a couple weeks ago, we finally made the decision about homeschooling Gray next school year. And its a GO! I'm so overwhelmingly excited about this, I can't even express it!!! Honestly, at this point, I think it's the best gift we could give this kiddo. But you know, much of my excitement is purely selfish. I'm going to get to spend all this wonderful time with this incredible, unique, funny, creative person!!!

The rational portion of brain keeps trying to remind me about some of the realities of this situation. There have been times when I thought all the work I had to do in homeschooling Annie would just kill me, and now I'm taking on homeschooling for two. And Gray is so very emotional and so very sensitive, and to be honest, it's sometimes very challenging. Probably more so because I'm so much like him. And despite the fact that Max does not want to be homeschooled (he wants nothing more than get old enough to get to middle school so he can play on every sports team possible--where did he come from anyway?!! :P ), I can see the potential for occasional trouble looming when he has to get on the bus and his brother doesn't. But you know, all the reminders in the world just can't dampen my excitement right now. And that's okay--there's plenty enough time for reality later, right? appears that I have not lost my knack for babbling one iota, have I?


Nymeth said...

That pretty much sounds like the MOST AWESOME CLASS ever. I want to read the Carl Zimmer textbook! And of course, I already have the rest of the required reading thanks to some wonderful friends :D

I'm so sorry about your finger though :( That sounds miserable. But to end on a positive note, hooray about Gray! I don't want to dismiss all the potential sources of trouble there, but I honestly have the feeling that the good will outweigh the bad by far.

Jean said...

It is good to hear that a decision has been made about homeschooling Gray. I know that was weighing heavily on your mind and soul in recent months. I am sure that your excitement and, possibly, trepidation will grow as the launch point nears, but I'm betting both you and Gray will do fine. Max will, too, I am sure since he appears to have his own set of priorities.

As for the finger, ouch! I do not do well with blood, though I am better with my own than with that of others. The boys always knew to head for their father if blood was involved.

Good luck to Annie, though I know she won't need it. I, too, loved algebra, and being a fly on the wall in Rich's class would just rock. Has he worn his new t-shirt yet?

DesLily said...

ummm I think I have about 4 blogs bookmarked for you and this makes 5! Are you deserting the others and keeping this one???

ohhhh homeschooling Gray.. wow homeschooling TWO! When will you sleep? just wondering... heh.

Matt said...

OMG! I am sorry to hear about the finger! I have a huge fear of that. I never fill the sink with soapy water because of that. Even though I totally survived my entire childhood and teen years washing dishes in that fashion......I'm silly like that.

Anyway, the class sounds really exciting! I am thinking that it will not be until I get back to college that my desire to READ things will come back. lol.

Care said...

Sehr gut! Well, 'cept for the finger. Yippee for Gray. And you.

Chris said...

*sends Matt books*

I'm so sorry about your finger Debs :( I hope it gets better soon!! I'm sure it's still hurting you. I do however love that Gray is now going to be homeschooled :D And OMG can I take Annie's biology class with her??? How awesome is it that Rich is using the Darwin GN for his class? That's so freaking incredible!!

DesLily said...

Chris: are you sure you have a book or two to spare for Matt? *sarcastic giggle*

Carl V. said...

Sounds like it is time for a pair of iron gloves! Or a maid that does all the housework. ;
Hope you heal quickly.

As for the homeschooling, I don't think I would go so far as to say your excitement is selfish. After all, having had my daughter homeschooled (in someone else's home) for the last few yrs of jr. high meant that she got somewhat ahead of scheduled, did dual credit college and high school courses, and graduated high school with a semester+ of college credits under her belt. She's the one who really benefited, and I'm sure Gray will as well.

Very happy for you!

Debi said...

It does, doesn't it? Want to come audit it with me? :D

LOL--yes, Max most definitely does have his own set of priorities! Seriously, it's just so mind-boggling how very different they all are.
And are you kidding--of course, Rich has worn his new shirt, he loves it! In fact, rarely does a week go by that I'm not washing at least one of the shirts you've gotten him.

I'm keeping my tumblr. But otherwise, this is it!
Btw, your comment to Chris there made me laugh out loud!

Well it sure doesn't sound silly to fact, it's sounding downright brilliant about now! :D
And you know, I can definitely see your desire to read coming back when you go back to school--unfortunately it will probably be a desire to read anything but what you have to read! :P

Yes, of course--in fact, why don't you and Ana and I all take the class together? I hear the professor is a pretty nice guy. ;)
And I do hope that you and Ana realize that this homeschooling Gray thing involves you two--as you know I'll be emailing you every time I'm ready to pull my hair out. :P

Oh, a maid...yes, yes, yes...please!!! Of course, I'd find other ways to hurt myself anyway. :P
You know, that's a very nice reminder about homeschooling. And I do know that Gray will benefit immensely...I'm just feeling a little selfish over how much I'm going to enjoy it.