Monday, February 21, 2011

47 completely random thoughts on 47th birthday... lovely that the weather gods gave me snow today

...even cooler that today will likely mark the day we go over 100" for the season

...I cannot believe that I still have not mailed my two dearest friends the little Valentine gifts I made them

...on a related note, I sooooo need to write some emails

...mmmmmmm, the coffee is so good this morning

...and I just adore this mug, the very mug that Mom used to make hot cocoa for me in when I was sick as a kid (hot cocoa and warm buttered toast almost made it worth being sick)

...sometimes I worry that this damn anxiety is going to kill me...stupid, stupid brain please shut off and stop the hyper-worrying over every little thing...and please please please let me sleep again...please

...I think I shall watch the first episode of the second season of Jericho before anyone else gets up


...I can't believe how much I love reading on my new Nook, and I wasn't sure I would ever say that (thank you Rich!)

...after 50+ pages of Little Women, I think I'm going to set it's not that I dislike it, it's more that I just don't think I'm in the right mood for it


...oh my, but this show makes me cry...nearly every episode...why did they have to cancel it...


...damn good chocolate cake, but whew, am I full now

...I have soooooooo frickin' much to do tomorrow to get ready for our little "vacation"

...wonder if I'll ever get around to turning this into a scrapbook page...yeah right, like I ever have time to scrapbook ;)

...oh Bacon, you can be such a pig sometimes

...and Aldo, how can such a dainty little thing snore so loudly?!!

...I can't wait to listen to the CD mix Annie made me for my birthday

...sooooo tired

...yeah, so I thought making this list was a good idea, but it turns out I do a lot less thinking than I thought :P


Kailana said...

I hope you had a very happy birthday Debi!

I received my card!! You are so crafty, I am not, so I will just live vicariously through your abilities!

And, yes, email... I should probably stop sending them into the void. lol

DesLily said...

I hope your special day was VERY special indeed!! how I wish I could be 47 again!!! :o)

Care said...

SMILES and hugs! isn't it odd that the words ugh and hug have the same letters, rhyme and yet have two entirely different opposite moods attached to them? Hope your day was awesome, you have a nice trip and I want a rpt on that mix tape - I bet it is awesome. Am I overusing awesome?

DesLily said...

been thinking .. (did you smell the smoke?).. in March I will be exactly 20 yrs older than you..but don't hold your breath that I will make a list of 67 ramdom thoughts !!!!

kreed said...

I am muddling through Little Women...I am now 67% of the way through, so I think I can make it! Glad you love your Nook! Happy late birthday!

Carl V. said...

It is horribly, terribly and inexcusably late, but please accept my most heartfelt wishes for your birthday. Congrats on your Nook. Isn't it great to have a spouse who feeds your book love? :) I hope you were pampered and fussed over as much as you deserved for your birthday and I hope 47 is your most marvelous, rewarding and satisfying year ever.