Tuesday, February 15, 2011

at this moment...

...listening to Folk Underground's Buried Things, and enjoying it immensely. (A very lovely early birthday gift from a very lovely friend.)

...savoring another cup of incredible coffee.

...battling my over-active salivary glands which are in full swing due to the aroma of the bread roll dough I've got started for supper...oh how I love that yeasty bread smell.

...smiling every time I glance up and see this. (Part 2 of my lovely birthday gift from that lovely friend. :) Technically, it is a magnet, but I just love having the little bear on my desk hold it.)

...procrastinating rather effectively on that horrendous to do list by writing this blog post instead.

...gleefully anticipating winter break...which :D :D :D officially begins after school this Friday.


Nymeth said...

Aw..such lovely gifts :D And hooray for winter break! It's half term next week for me as well, but in my case it might as well be renamed Stay Home Writing Essays All Week Week :P

Kailana said...

Yeah, I remember those days, Ana. People would go on trips and I would be baffled how they could do that!!

Sounds like a peaceful few moments, Debi! I all ready probably had enough coffee today... hm... Maybe I will go have tea.

DesLily said...

wow you mean when the kids get a break mama gets a break?? :o) have a fun time Debi and thank you again for my lovely card!!!!