Wednesday, May 4, 2011

getting the hang of this?

Yep, still on track with the whole "focus" thing. Of course, it has only been three days so I've no business getting all cocky about it. :P How long is it they say it takes for a new behavior to become habit? Four weeks? Six weeks? Something like that, I think.

Anyway. Yesterday's focus was school. Pretty darn boring to talk about. But then what in my life isn't? :) So, yep...I kept my focus: did a little grading (vocabulary test and essay on religion in science fiction lit), updated grade book and time logs, added new vocabulary list to Spelling City, typed up this week's vocabulary list to give Annie, previewed "Pulp Fiction, Bradbury, & the American Myth" lecture for our lit class, typed up next essay assignment for lit course, read a couple chapters of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein (a book I should be done with by now, but am only about a quarter of the way through--really enjoying it though!), previewed "The Early Christian Church" lecture for our world history class, typed comprehension questions and writing assignment for lecture, and finished reading Life in a Medieval City by Joseph and Frances Gies (and this allowed my to put a check on my 50x50 list--#41 Read 50 non-fiction books, each one about a different country).

And yep, I did squeeze in that little bit of crocheting I'd allowed myself. In fact, I managed to whip up a baby cap while previewing the lectures. (My Mom's church is making these caps for a charity project, and I figured that would be an excellent use of all my baby yarn scraps.)

And as for today, the focus is again school. And cleaning. Oh joy.


Vivienne said...

You have a new blog and kept it quiet! Where have you been hiding??? LOL - lovely to see you back.

Rich said...

Love the baby cap. We should adopt one and use it on her head...I'm just saying...

Debi said...

I didn't realize you didn't know I was here. I'm sorry--I swear I wasn't hiding on purpose!

LOL--you sound like your children!!! All three of them were after me to have another baby the other day at breakfast! Max's reasoning--he needs someone else for his kickball team. :P

Jean said...

Puppies are cute, too, their schooling is a lot cheaper and less time-consuming, and you have more control over their dating than you ever will with your human kids. Yeah, I'd recommend another dog for you guys.

Chris said...

Awww...I LOVE that baby cap and I agree with Rich that y'all need another child :p LOL. And DEBI STEVENS!!!!! Your life is never boring! I love reading about it :)