Thursday, May 5, 2011

good stuff

I awoke feeling like somewhat of a cranky-pants this morning. Persistent nausea and headaches not helping. Soooo...I figured this was a good time to gather up all that good stuff into a heaping big pile and wallow in it. :)

*The temperatures are going to make it out of the 40s today...all the way to the *mid or upper* 50s! And with sunshine to boot!!!

*I managed to stay on the "focus" track for a fourth straight day yesterday. It was not as productive a day as I'd have liked due to a bunch of those unavoidable "must be dealt with now" type emergencies. But I know there are bound to be days like that. This is life, after all. And while, I might not have finished as much as I'd hoped on my focus projects, I did make visible dents.

*My dear, lovely friend Ana is almost at the end of her current hell stretch with school. This makes me delightfully happy for her, of course. But selfishly, it also makes me happy for myself. Despite the fact that she's said it's okay if I pester her, I've been trying very hard not to. And well, I just miss her sooooo much and am soooooo excited about getting caught back up again. Not to mention, she'll hopefully have time to blog a bit more very soon!!! :D

*I have so many wonderful books going at the moment! (Which could also be viewed as a bad thing, but I'm choosing not to look at that way. :P ) I'm reading A Discovery of Witches with some awesome friends, and have to say that I'm enjoying more than I expected to. I'm reading The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress for school, and wow--I'm loving it. Also unexpected. And while I didn't intend to actually start reading it when I picked it up to flip through it, I am now totally sucked into A Householder's Guide to the Universe.

*A Monster Calls shipped on Tuesday!!! New Patrick Ness...on its way!!! :D

*The always sweet and lovely Trish had her baby. Yes, it's been a week and a half already, but I swear every time I think of her and her beautiful little girl I still get the most enormous smile on my face. :D

*This is today's "focus":

I know, can you believe I have this disaster in our living room?!! I've been slowly working my way through weeding out my scrapbook books and magazines--these piles are what I still have left. Also in this pile is the bag with the baby caps I've been working on. And an old stretched-out, outgrown sweater of Annie's that I'm currently unraveling to repurpose the yarn. And The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, which I really need to finish for school. The "focus" is to shrink this pile! And the reason that makes the good stuff list is because I'm not dreading any of those tasks. :P

*May flowers. :)

*The way my wonderful friend Chris keeps inspiring me with all his creative updates on his tumblr. :D

*Coffee. Yeah, I know--it always makes the list. :P

*Having a life filled with so many people I love.


Kailana said...

Lots of good stuff. Good luck with your tasks for the day! I made spaghetti sauce and it smells very good, so I feel accomplished. :) I am reading Widdershins by Charles de Lint. I am hoping to finish it tonight, but hard to say. There are so many books that I want to be reading. I also am happy that things have calmed down for Ana and enjoy Chris' pictures. :) Oh, and I am glad you are enjoying A Discovery of Witches!

Nymeth said...

Aww <3

I finished my report earlier, so PESTER AWAY :D