Monday, May 23, 2011

So I just wrote a long, very whiny, oh-woe-is-me post. And then I got smart and deleted it. Instead, here's some pictures from our weekend...

A few flowers blooming.

A little boy having fun planting some jalapenos.

A freshly bathed beagle.

A couple new perennials planted in the flower garden.

A young lady studying hard for her finals.

A bowl of couscous with basil from Chris' garden.

And a cat reading a Captain America comic book.

Yeah, that's a little better than the self-pity party I'd started with.


Jean said...

It's okay to have a pity party occasionally, but I have to admit that the photos were better. Spring really has sprung up there. I hope your week improves from the pitiful Monday on the way to a frivolously fantastic Friday.

Carl V. said...

Though I would have commiserated with you had you posted the pity party (we've all been there) I must say that I enjoyed the photos very much. They speak of life and living and spring and family and love. And of course cats reading comics. Its all good! :)

Chris said...

This was such a beautiful post Debi that warmed my heart :) Love all of these pictures. Makes me wish I was there :(

Melissa said...

You take such beautiful photos, Debi!