Monday, February 13, 2012

9 things that have me smiling...

(I didn't pick "9" because I couldn't think of ten things, but just because "9" is my favorite number.)

Life if absolutely freakin' crazy here these days. I have questioned my sanity often during these past couple of weeks. The term "overwhelmed" has seemed inadequate. My physical health has suffered as well---I pretty much knew my future would eventually involve high blood pressure meds but the past few weeks seem to have accelerated their arrival. Add to that a not so pleasant reminder that fibro is now a part of my life.

The "story" (in abbreviated form): Selling our house has thus far been smooth sailing. *knocks on wood* But buying a house has not. The deal we had going fell through because it was discovered that the seller was trying to pull a fast one when it came to the septic system on the house. As traumatic as this has all been to have this fall through with so little time left before the closing on our house, the alternative of not discovering it before the purchase went through would have been far worse. But the result of what has happened sees us technically homeless come the end of this month. As in we won't really have an address, but unlike so many, we will have a roof over our heads. In the form of a hotel room. Yep, all our "stuff" will be in storage units and the five human members of this family will be sharing a single hotel room for at least a month. Please keep your fingers crossed that we all survive. :P I hate to say anything for fear of jinxing it, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel--we're in the beginning stages of (hopefully!) buying a different house.

For now, there is still much packing and moving of our possessions to be done, still many odds 'n' ends (such as writing the superintendent a letter requesting that Max be allowed to stay in his school for now, renting a P.O box, etc.) to be taken care of, still homeschooling to be kept up I likely won't be around much for the rest of this month. But hey, March should allow me plenty of time to finally catch up with everyone, right?

In the meantime, a reminder to myself that life really is good:

1. The aforementioned fact that we did find out about non-existent septic system *before* the purchase went through. It hasn't been fun, but the alternative would have been so. much. worse.

2. I've come up with a way to try to make our hotel stay less daunting. I've decided to create a scrapbook to document our time there entitled "Adventures in Togetherness." (Of course, I will only be taking the notes for it while there as there obviously isn't room to bring my scrapbook supplies with us.)

3. Winter has finally decided to put in another brief appearance. Oh, how I've missed you, dear winter!

4. Due in large part to Ana's contagious enthusiasm, I decided to rewatch all three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Yesterday, my awesome helper Max and I alternated packing boxes with watching episodes. We got through the first 10 episodes of season one, and hopefully we'll get to at least a couple more episodes today.

5. Our annual "Happy Birthday, Darwin!" cupcakes. (Not to mention that goofball I'm married to. :D )

***** sidetracked yesterday. But here's the rest of the list:

6. This mug. Seriously, it is just so freakin' pretty. It was a Christmas gift from my dear friend Chris, and it makes me smile every single morning when I pour my coffee. Every single morning.

7. And while I'm on the bird theme, there's this picture. Every time I open my computer, I see this little thumbnail on the desktop. There's really no reason it should be there, other than I've been too lazy to clean up the desktop of no-longer-needed images. But perhaps it will stay even when the other unnecessaries get cleaned up, because well, it just makes me smile! (They were a gift I made for one of my dearest friends, and I think I just may have to make myself a matching set.)

8. I know I've said this before, and I'll probably say it a thousand times more before I die, but I really do have the best friends in the world. The. Very. Best. I don't deserve them, but I am ever so grateful for each and every one.

9. Despite all the stress and the complete meltdowns our decision to move has caused, is currently causing, and likely will continue to cause over at least the next month or so, I still believe it was the right decision. I am so happy to be leaving this neighborhood.

And now, because I'd love even more reasons to smile, would you share with me what's making you smile today? Pretty please with sugar on top.


Amanda said...

Wow, I'm glad you guys found out about the problem beforehand! That would have been a nightmare.

I'm currently out of reasons to smile, I think, sadly. Perhaps in another week or two...

DesLily said...

not to be a jinx but I will cross my fingers for you!

leave it to you to scrapbook a hotel stay! love it! you are too stinkin' cute! lol

Somer said...

What's making me smile today? 1) I have the day off and 2) I get to go spend a gift certificate at my favorite yarn store.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the new house deal works out! Can y'all find a hotel suite instead of just a room? Good luck!

Jason Gignac said...

In my continuing efforts to be just like you, I learned how to crochet last week, and made a Valentine for Amanda :). Otherwise, I hope the hotel goes okay. We did that when I was a kid, when we moved, once, for about 3 months - my main memory was, since we didn't have a ktichen, I could go down to the hotel restaurant and have a 3 egg omelette for breakfast every single day ;D

animewookie said...

Wow!! Sooooo much going on. That hotel stay is going to be a grand adventure! Bumps in the road like that make for memories you never forget <3

Sooooo jelous of your snow. Could ya send some down yonder?

Awwww, that cup is beautiful. I can see why it makes you smile :D
Ok, my reason/ is my husbands birthday and unfortunately he has to work a double so we wont see him all da...BUT... my kids took about 50 thousand post-its and wrote down the reasons they love and appreciate him and plastered the living room walls with them so when he woke up this morning, that is what he found....and yes...he cried. And now I'm crying telling you, but it's a good kinda crying :D
Also my second baby turns 18 tomorrow...I won't lie, that crying part... be do to that as well ;)
((Big Hugs))

Kailana said...

I am so glad you may have a different house in the works. I hope there are no bumps involved.

Those little birds are so cute! They would make a great Easter decoration.

I hope that everything works out!

Jean said...

What's making me smile today? The fact that, despite the soon-to-be-seen dip in the checking account balance, the tickets for our next adventure have been purchased. The fact that Don, despite having somewhat backed into teaching high school physics, is now seriously considering it for the future, and the school will sponsor him meaning (I think) that though he will have to take a few ed classes, the teaching he is doing will count as his practicum and student teaching. The fact that Steve, despite being across the country, seems to be enjoying his new hob and new city. Finally, that you are coping and have your own adventures on the horizon. Love you and still planning to visit this summer. If (ha!) you're still in the hotel, I'll ask for the room next door. :-)

Debi said...

Oh sweetie, your comment made me so sad! :( I so hope that you're rolling in reasons to smile VERY soon!!!

Thank you! And do keep your fingers crossed that we're all still living by the time we have a "proper" address again, too. :P

Ooooh, those are quite wonderful reasons to smile!!! So what did you buy???

You taught yourself to crochet?!! How awesome! That definitely gave me another reason to smile. And another reason to be impressed with you!
Luckily for us money-wise, our hotel room does have a mini sort of kitchen--though having someone else cook me an omelette every morning wouldn't be so bad. ;)

OMG--now that totally made me smile!!! And smile. And smile. I can only imagine how your husband must have felt. :D :D :D
But yeah, I can see why a few tears might squeak through thinking about another baby turning 18, too. *hugs*

Thank you! I hope all the bumps are behind us on this whole moving thing now, but I will try not to let it crush me if they're not. I spent a little too much time feeling sorry for myself there--I need to remind myself that it's all going to be good in the end!!!

:D :D :D Now those are some seriously good reasons for smiling!!! Thanks for passing them along so I can smile all the longer and wider myself!!! So when are you all off on this year's adventure? (I really need to go search down your new blog--I forgot to add it to my blog reader, so I don't realize when you post. Yep, must go correct that now.) Love you!

Trish said...

I'm so so sorry about the house but it does sound like a blessing in disguise that the deal fell through.

And Darwin's birthday?! How fun! I guess any excuse for cupcakes is a great one.

Things to smile about today? I get to wear HOT PINK. (actually I could do that any day). I had delicious fudge for breakfast. And tonight I get to snuggle with my little chickpea banana and then make steak dinner with Scott.

I hope you have a wonderful wonderful day Debi. Hugs.

(and in case you didn't see my response on my blog--creme brulee. Yummmalicious).

Chris said...

I'm so late in seeing this post!!! But you just gave me 9 belated reasons to smile too :) I loved this post so much my Debs :) Hope things are going ok for you! When you want something fun to do, I tagged you in a good ole meme :p Remember those:

Susan said...

Debi! I found you again! How lovely that you are blogging it good that you are moving, I hope? And very good you found out about the septic tank first :-) really, it's good.

I love that mug, it's adorable! So are the birds by your computer. I'm sorry to hear about the fibro, too, I know so many people here who have it too. Be good to yourself while you make the final packing etc to move out, Debi. I'm just glad to see you back here!

Care said...

hi Honey! *waving*
sending {{hugs}}
hoping all is well.
missing you...

Care said...

hi Honey! *waving*
sending {{hugs}}
hoping all is well.
missing you...