Wednesday, February 29, 2012

home, suite home...

Okay, okay, that was just pathetic. It's been a hellaciously hectic and stressful couple of weeks, so hopefully you can forgive my mushy brain.

So...what's been going on...

*We walked out of our house last evening for the last time. Closing is just a few hours from now. It's a happy, happy thing. But you know, it's also kind of weird and unsettling. Pretty sure I'll get used to it though. :D

*We moved into our hotel last night. It took hours to set up "house," but it was so worth it this morning to get up and not have suitcases and boxes of school books and bags and coolers of food sitting all over the place.

*We upgraded our digs. Gray called his friend the other day to tell him where he was going to be. Here's what he said:

Dad got us a room with twin beds and Mom got mad and now we're staying in a 5-star hotel.

I cracked up so hard when I overheard that. :P While not a precise account of what happened, there's definitely a strand of truth running through it. We are not staying in a 5-star hotel, but Rich did manage to find us a bigger place to stay for the next month. Yep, definitely more expensive but I think for sanity's sake alone it will be well worth it.

Yes, we brought our own bookcase to the hotel--figured it was well worth the funny looks we got carrying through the lobby to not have all these books, etc. scattered all over the floor.

*Oh my, how we all miss our furry friends. :( We took Bacon and Lucky and Aldo to my parents on Saturday. And I can't even count how many times one of the kids has pulled up iPhoto on the computer just to look at pictures of them in the few days since then.

*I checked google reader this morning, all determined to finally catch up. Ummmm...what the hell was I thinking?!! Over a thousand unread posts. Yeah, not happening. Mark as read--start afresh--do better job from now on. Thus is my sincerest wish anyway. 'Cause dammit--I miss you all!!!! And now I have a favor to ask you since there's no hope of me ever catching up on the past month's blog posts...tell me posts I have to go read--what awesome things have happened and what horrible things have happened (I sooooooo hope no one has anything to say for that one!) and what books I need to add to my wish list and well, anything else I really ought to know.

*Hope everyone is having a truly fun and fabulous Leap Day!!!!


Kailana said...

Hi Debi! It was nice to see a post from you. I am glad to hear you found a bit bigger place to stay. I can entirely hear you on it being worth it! I hope everything is well with you and hope to chat with you soon!

Amanda said...

I hope you guys don't have to stay at the hotel too long - but how exciting that you close today! Yay!

Jean said...

Your digs don't look half bad. It will be a helluvan adventure, for sure. I'll think of you from the hotel in Hue in which we'll be living for about five weeks. No kids and books only on the Kindle reader I have on my netbook. I'll let you know when I post something from the road. Love you all!

Jason Gignac said...

Do you have a temporary mailing address? I had something to send you, then realized I better not send it to you rold house....

Trish said...

I LOVE that you brought your bookshelves into the hotel. LOVE.

Congrats on the closing--I can't wait to hear the next chapter.

And Annie looks mighty comfy in that bed. ;)

Nothing to note on my blog, but if you want a pick-me-up with cute baby pictures, I did post Elle's 10 month update today.

DesLily said...

well I totally didn't expect you to post for a while yet!!! Actually you don't sound in a panick!...I hope you find a home of your own soon because I can't wait to see the new digs and the yard and surroundings!!!
Chris tagged you for a meme which he did on his blog..realize you probably can't get to it but reading his is fun!...Take care!!!

Eva said...

LOL @ you bringing your bookcase!

I hope you get maid service in that nice-looking hotel! We had to stay in one for two weeks when we moved from Colorado to Texas, and although I was dreading it it ended up being kind of nice. Of course, I only had to share a room with my niece!

Anyway, I wanted to say that I haven't forgotten the package I wanted to send you!!! Through a series of unfortunate events, I thought it'd gotten thrown away, but it didn't. Yay! I'll wait to make up the baked goods part until you're in your new house, though. It'll be a housewarming present instead of belated Christmas one. hehe

Jean said...

Is that a bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin on top of the fridge? It looks suspiciously like the one I have in my pantry. You guys deserve it!

Debi said...

Thanks! And yeah, I have a feeling that one room with two twin beds for the five of us might seriously have meant less than five of us would survive the month. :P So the upgrade was definitely a good thing!

Hopefully it will just be for the month of March! We've got a tentative date of March 30th for closing on the house (the second one) we put an offer on.

Somehow I suspect your hotel stay will be much more fun than ours, most definitely extracurricularly! But I am not going to complain about life here, it will be its own tamer version of adventure. :) And sure know your liquor bottles, don't you? :P

Oh my goodness, dear friend! You definitely do not need to be mailing me things---YOU ARE FAR TOO GOOD TO ME!!! Anyway, as of now what we're doing is just having our mail forwarded to a post office box. Hopefully come the end of the month, we'll actually have an address again.

I did go catch Little Miss Adorable on your blog. She's just so dang snuggalicious--I want to reach right through the screen and kiss those sweet little cheeks!

I think my brain's too damn tired to be panicked anymore--LOL. I really do need to do Chris's tag...I hate that I've been out-of-touch so much because I would love to read what other people answered. Did you do it? (I'll have to go check.)

I know, aren't we dorks for bringing a bookcase. But hey, who cares--it's serving us well. And it makes me smile to boot! :) And YES!!! How awesome it is to have someone else cleaning our bathroom for a month. :D
You sweet, silly thing, you! Don't you dare give sending me anything another thought!!! But can I tell you that I'm glad you mentioned it--I'd been so afraid it had been lost in the mail and that you were probably thinking that I was simply awful for never thanking you for it. :P

Susan said...

Love the bookcase!!! lol what an idea, and it works. I'm glad you got a bigger place to stay in temporarily, and here's to closing and getting into your new house soon.

I'm really glad to see you and it's great you can still keep us up to date!

Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

Congrats on closing! As frustrating as staying in a hotel is going to be, that is, at least, a very nice hotel! I'm sorry you're missing your furry friends :( That's got to be so difficult. As for posts you might have missed... well I nominated you to answer some questions, if you have time! No pressure, but I thought I'd point it out and let you know that I was thinking of you!

Care said...

bookcase... BRILLIANT!