Wednesday, April 25, 2012

lost and found...

Remember back a couple months ago when I was crocheting a sweater for Annie's birthday? Well, I actually did finish it back when we were living in the hotel. So yep, it was ready in time for her birthday. But she didn't end up getting it on her birthday. :( It somehow managed to get lost in the move. Or perhaps "misplaced" is more accurate. Rich and I spent literally hours looking for the box it was in the day before her birthday, but to no avail. We knew it had to be in the house as it never actually went into any of the storage units...but we. just. could. not. find. it. *sigh*

But better late than never--it did eventually show up. And Annie said it was worth the wait. :) She really, really loves it! And well, that makes me a happy mama, as well as a happy crocheter.

And you know what's the icing on the cake? Making this sweater counts for a Happiness Project item! Yep, my dear Ms. Heather, this is #8 from the list of fun/challenging/interesting things to do--Crochet something you've never made before. And even though I've been crocheting for *cringe* about 40 years, I've never before made a sweater. About time I changed that! So thank you, Heather!!!

And you know, if only I'd made this next month and if only I'd signed up for the lovely Trish's super fun-sounding Pin It and Do It Challenge, I could have counted it for that. (Yep, this pattern was something I originally pinned last year hoping to make it for Annie for Christmas. :P )


animewookie said...

Oh Yay!!! It's beautiful! She looks sooo happy :D I'm ecstatic for both of you <3

Kailana said...

You are just early. It can still count. :)

DesLily said...

oh wow!!! as always with things you make that looks fantastic! Hmmm I wonder if I have any black yarn to make a matching hat? hmmm I will look but I don't think I have any *harrumph!
does it get any better than having your daughter totally appreciate when you hand make things for her? I doubt it!

Jean said...

A beautiful sweater on a beautiful young woman, not to mention made by a beautiful older woman. The fact that the sweater was temporarily lost just adds to the story.

Debi said...

Thank you! Both for what you said, and for being you!

LOL--nice enabling comment there! I totally want to sign up for Trish's challenge, but I'm so afraid I'll just bomb... Then again, when have I ever let that stop me from signing up for a challenge, right? :P

You're right, it doesn't get any better than that! Of course, I have made her a few things over the years that she hasn't been so thrilled about...but that just makes it sweeter when she really does love something. :D

Aww, thank you! Yet another thing I love about you--your ability to look at the sometimes not-so-obvious bright side! :D

Trish said...

Well...since you posted this after you signed up for the challenge, I think you might could count it. :P

It's so pretty! and I love how it looks belted. And how is it possible you've been crocheting for 40 years?!