Wednesday, May 16, 2012

another pinned and did...

I'm not exactly moving out like some of the over-achievers participating in Trish's Pin It and Do It Challenge (yes, note the envy in my voice), but I am slowly chipping away at a few things. Seriously, I might even meet my goal. :)

Here are a couple pictures of #3, a pair of fingerless mittens for Annie for Christmas:

Thanks to my darling model Max (I couldn't well ask Annie to do it since they're going to be a present for her). Despite the unsmiling face there, he was really a good sport about it all. He just refuses to voluntarily smile for any pictures on general principle. What that principle is, I've no idea.

Anyway, they were quite an easy little project. Fun, too, in spite of the endless color changes and multiple ends to be buried. *ugh* And I really do think they came out super awesome. And obviously, so did Max, as he tried to con me into letting him keep them. Yep, I have a feeling there's another pair in my near future here, huh?

Thanks again, dear Trish, I'm ahead by one Christmas gift thanks to you. :)


Kailana said...

Those are cool! I am not sure I would be keen on the pink, but otherwise I want some! I really need to learn how to crochet/knit myself...

DesLily said...

those are great!!! so if they are crochet..send me the pattern? I know no one down here needs them lol but they look cute and maybe someone would want a pair to send as a present up north..
(thank you Max!)

Somer said...

Those are cute! I bet they would be fun in self-striping yarn & that would save you the many ends to weave in. KnitPicks Chroma Worsted would be great & super soft, too!

Debi said...

Would you really like some? I could leave out the pink. Can't promise *when* I'll get to them...but hopefully before next fall.

You're so sweet, you know that? You really don't have to make Maxidoodle any...they didn't take long so I'll get to it for him. But if you do want the pattern--click on the link and then click on the picture of them and it will take you to the post that has the pattern. (Just ask if that didn't make sense. :P )

That's a great idea! Would make them an even quicker project for sure!

Trish said...

Annie is going to LOVE these!! LOVE. And even though Max is refusing to smile he does make a very darling model!

You are doing great Debi!!