Thursday, May 17, 2012

WIP weekly round-up...week 1...

Okay, so there's lot of different WIP Wednesdays and whatnot around the blog world--there are ones for knitting, and for quilting, and for, well probably for just about anything you could ever imagine. Now I could have just joined in the fun with one of those...if not for two simple facts: 1.) I can't shake the ridiculous "I'd be butting in because I don't know any of these people and therefore will just remain a lurker" thing, and 2.) I completely lack the focus to settle down to any one area of interest--I'm not a book blogger or a craft blogger or a mommy blogger or a...--in other words, I excel at nothing yet enjoy it all. :D

So anyway. Just for my own personal enjoyment (and as a really bad excuse for avoiding some school stuff I should be doing at the moment), I've decided to do a Work-in-Progress collection post each week. Okay, if we're being truthful here, due to that whole lacking focus issue combined with that whole lacking follow-through issue I have, this will likely only last for a week or two or three, and then will fall to the wayside along with all the other things I thought sounded like fun when I started them. :P

On the crafting front:

My current crocheted work-in-progress is an afghan that I started making for a friend. However, I'm having second thoughts as to whether said friend would really like it. So now I'm waffling, and it may just end up staying here in our family room. Who knows.

I also have a scrapbook project in progress, but as it will eventually count for a happiness project accomplishment, I'll just save it for another post instead of boring you twice with it.

Ditto a photography project in progress.

On the reading front:

These are the books I'm reading on a daily or nearly daily basis this week. This might be a slightly optimistic statement, but I think there's actually a chance that three of these will be finished and off the pile by next week. The Search for Wondla is the book I'm *still* reading with Max, but we're almost done...will be both happy and sad when that happens. I'm enjoying the heck out The Fifties, which I'm reading for Annie's history class. But it will remain on the pile for quite a while yet, as we are reading other things mixed in. Not to mention it's just plain long. Garbology was one of those books I picked up and started reading in the bookstore and then couldn't bear to leave the store without it. Great read, but mighty disturbing. Am almost done with Fables: The Good Prince...and will immediately start on the next one upon finishing. And finally, Life in Cold Blood, reading this one for Gray's science class and am almost done with it as well.

On the home front:

Outside, my main focus the past few days has been the front flower garden. Trying to get it weeded, plant some perennials, and do something with the window boxes. Not a terribly exciting picture, but I hope over the next few springs and summers, we really bring this area to life. I couldn't for the life of me decide what I wanted to do with the window boxes. Still haven't really. I did plant some strawberry plants in them, but I want to add some color as well...but I'm just so darn finicky when it comes to flowers.

Thought I would have an inside project as well, but really what I've been focusing on this past week is getting some of the boxes out of the "pantry" room that belong in various other rooms and unpacking them. Hoping this weekend, we can whip the pantry into shape.

So anyone else care to share pics of their works-in-progress? Anyone? You know, 'cause I'm nosy.


Heather said...

I think the afghan looks gorgeous. I LOVE the colors. :) I say keep it!

I've been curious about WondLa. I hope you will post your thoughts on it!

What about herbs for the window boxes? Mint would probably look lovely and you can make yummy herb lemonade with it!

Debi said...

I will. About Wondla, that is. Just because you asked. :)
I thought about herbs and then decided against it because I didn't want to have to traipse through the perennials all summer to get to them. Of course, when I couldn't find any annuals I liked for the boxes, I planted strawberries, which will make me have to traipse through the flowers for a few weeks anyway. Well, if they actually produce berries anyway. :P Maybe I should just do what you said--I don't use a lot of mint (not like oregano and basil and cilantro and marjoram anyway) so I wouldn't have to do a lot of traipsing, and mint is really pretty. Oh decisions, decisions. put mint in lemonade? That sounds different--might have to try it! I'm weird and don't like mint in my iced tea--though I love both mint and iced tea separately. Okay Debi, I do think it's time you shut up now. :P Thanks Heather--I have a feeling I'm going to go with your suggestion. :D

Jean said...

One of my works-in-progress is another blog post on Australian wildlife. Then there are two or three more I need to write to finish off that trip and that blog. Another work-in-progress I can't post about because it would ruin a surprise. First, though, I need to clean and plan and try not to stress about the dinner party I'm giving Sunday--Steve's girlfriend, her mother, and sister for a post-graduation fete. Ah, life, the best work-in-progress. BTW, I love seeing the photo of the new house!

DesLily said...

I love the front of the house!!!how cute omg i love it lol!!!!!

If you plant mint keep it contained in a pot or it creeps and takes over everything and then you can't get rid of it. I saw some "red" (purplish) basil that facinated me ..and it had a stronger basil smell than the green. I don't know if you use basil but the "other color" might help making things a touch more colorful

Care said...

I have succumbed to the idea of just planting red and white geraniums intermixed with purple petunias in the front space that currently is showing off dead tulips stems. I want something easy that will bloom all summer but they don't offer much inspiration. Now, to find time to get it done. :)