Friday, July 20, 2012

good stuff...

Last night after I'd put my book down to go to sleep, I started thinking that it was past time I did a "good stuff" post. While I have been plenty happy lately, it hit me that I wasn't paying enough attention to being grateful.

Then I awoke this morning and as soon as I turned on the radio I was greeted with the horrible news about the shooting in Colorado. With that heartbreaking tragedy, was it appropriate to write such a post? I've decided to go ahead. The truth is, tragedy and injustice and pain and heartache occur every second of every day. The vast majority of the time we never hear the stories. Because they aren't "sensational" enough or they happen "somewhere else." But it doesn't mean those stories aren't important. I'm not trying to downplay the horror of what happened in Colorado, and I hope it doesn't come off sounding that way. I think we can all relate to that helpless feeling, that physical ache that grips your stomach, that screaming in your head.

I mean no disrespect with this post. And in some ways, I think I need to write it more now than I did last night.

Good stuff:

*So many birds singing in the morning.

*And cicada songs in the afternoon.

*Almost keeping up with project life since I started over at the end of May.

*An antiquing date that Rich and I have planned for this afternoon.

*While I may not have a large number of friends, and I have no friends close enough to get together with more than very very very occasionally, the friends I do have are THE. VERY. BEST. IN. THE. WORLD. I really need to do more to make sure they know how much they mean to me.

*The absolutely heavenly cool breeze that came through our bedroom window last night. (I almost feel guilty mentioning that because I know so many haven't felt anything close to a cool breeze in a long time.)

*The feel of mud squishing through my fingers yesterday afternoon when Max and I mixed up a batch to make "pottery" with.

*A good blood pressure reading this morning.

*Eating lettuce fresh from the garden.

*Lottery by Patricia Wood, one of the books I'm currently is just such a feel-good, comfort kind of read. Just what I've been craving lately.

*Getting a few more boxes unpacked this week. (I know, I know--nothing like stretching this unpacking thing out forever. :P )

*Annie's neurologist appointment for her carpal tunnel went well--motor nerves slightly better, sensory nerves slightly other words, still holding her own and not yet needing surgery.

*Baby bunnies! Can almost always see one when I look over the whole back yard.

Care to share some good stuff from your life right now? I'd love to hear it!


Ana @ things mean a lot said...

Definitely nothing disrespectful about this post! While what happened is absolutely awful, I really believe it's only human to need to focus on the good little things more than ever in times of sadness or stress. And those are all wonderful things. I'm especially glad to hear about the good blood pressure reading.

Jean said...

Good things? The joy in the dog's eyes when I reach for the leash for a walk. The possibility that Steve may be back on the east coast in the fall rather than the spring. Friends with whom to be crazy either in person or over email. And one of those, you, is feeling better than she was at one point. Have a great weekend!

DesLily said...

good stuff:

totally enjoying rereading the Dragonriders of Pern!

..and Boo let me sleep a whole half hour longer than usual today! woohoo!! lol

animewookie said...

Good Stuff: Reading your post...haven't caught up in a while <3
Also my Godbaby (18) was in a car accident last night and she, and her friends, are all well and fine :D

Snowball said...

Lots of bees busy between the lavender and the vegetable garden.

Tomatoes, corn, squash, ...

A playful boxer puppy who thinks she's a chihuahua.

4 generations of readers in the library. (alright, the fourth is still in training)

The crinkle around my husband's eyes when he watches me do something stupid.(again)

The list goes on . . . thank you for reminding me to think of these things. I find it so easy to get caught up with the negatives.

kreed said...

Good, good stuff. And I am immensely happy to hear it in the midst of such chaos and tragedy. You deserve all of this good stuff and so much more, my friend.

Bookfool said...

Lottery has been one of my "all-time favorites" since I read it. Don't you just adore Perry?

Good stuff in my life mostly revolves around the new house. I'm having loads of fun painting. Neither of us ever really liked the house we've been in for 20 years; we thought it was a temporary home. It's quite a nice feeling to walk into a house and realize, "I just like being here."

Healthy family, recovered kitty, nice weather, good books. Lots of good things happening. Kiddo is almost done with lifeguarding and will be off to school, soon. I'll miss him but I think he's really excited about going to a new school and living on his own. Eldest will be visiting in about 10 days to help paint or fix up the old house (which won't go on the market till we've done some repairs -- and might get rented, but I kind of hope not).

Love your good stuff!