Friday, July 27, 2012

how I did, and didn't, spend my week...

...obsessively watching much of the second and then much of the third seasons of Battlestar Galactica (the "obsessively" cannot be overemphasized, I'm afraid)

...not keeping up with blog reading

...drying more blueberries

...not getting the flower beds weeded

...dealing with multiple kid meltdowns

...not getting nearly enough walking in

...crocheting multiple blocks on my afghan project (this relates directly to the obsessiveness mentioned above)

...not dusting

...reading lots and lots about the early 1960s for Annie's history class

...not reading much purely for fun

...being giddy over having instagram

...not keeping up with Project Life, but...

...rethinking my entire approach and coming up with a plan that makes me even happier

...not wanting to think about how fast summer is flying by

...baking cookies and cookies and cookies, mostly stocking up for in lunches when school starts

...not emailing :(

...doing laundry and laundry and laundry...because it never freakin' ends (and one of the blessings/curses of hanging one's laundry is that it never pays to let yourself get behind)

...not getting things ready to mail that should have been mailed ages ago

...visiting our new library and checking out way more books than I'll ever get read :P

...not figuring out how to download books to my iPod from the library despite three solid hours of trying

So yes, I've been busy and not busy all at the same time. How about you--what did you accomplish, and not accomplish, this week?


Jean said...

Accomplish? I blogged about some of it--writing a letter to Abby and getting a new t-shirt. I also got some spectacular bruises in two very physical karate classes, and I do love the very physical one. Partnering with the instructor on Wednesday meant that I got to fall time after time after time, in all the demos as well as all the exercises. Oh, I swept the house, too. Also made bread, and knitted a bit on what might be a table runner and might be a scarf.

Not accomplish? Any cleaning other than dishes, laundry, and the aforementioned sweeping. Some letters I want to write to some special people. Work on the current quilting project as well as on the messenger bag I want to try to sew that would make a neat gift for several people.

Sounds as if I've been as busy and not as you have, and you're one of my favorite people with whom to be in sync.

DesLily said...

well with the stitches out of my foot I still have to stay off it and keep it up so no housework is getting done.. I am reading alot since that's all I can do sitting in the recliner..soon the olympics will be on so my ass will grow even larger!

oh! I have one of the books you have in that stack! The America Dreams book! I haven't read it yet and you will probably beat me at it LOL..

Chris said...

Well it sounds like you've gotten quite a bit accomplished to me!! Those cookies!! That quilt!! I'm in love with just the pictures that you posted :D Hope to catch up with you through email sometime this weekend! Thankfully I have the whoooooole weekend off!

Darren @ Bart's Bookshelf said...

I don't know, sounds like a pretty productive week to me!

Trish said...

I need to do a post like this.

The afghan is BEAUTIFUL!! Wishing that you and Heather could teach me to crochet... I'd teach you how to sew if I could figure out how to work my damn machine. It's newish and I wasted an hour of MEEEEEEEEEEE time last night trying to get it to work. Failed.

Hope this week is a good one. xo

Debi said...

I don't know--sounds like you probably accomplished more than I did! Though you did remind me that I baked bread, too. Here's to another productive, but not-too-productive week for us both! :P

You crack me up, lady! Your ass is far from large--take it from one who knows what's it's like to have a fat ass! :P I do hope you're feeling better soon though, my dear friend! Enjoy the Olympics! (Can't believe I haven't seen a single minute of them yet.)

Well, compared to my kids, I got a lot accomplished. :P You having the whole weekend off = huge smile on my face! :D

If watching 20-ish episodes of Battlestar equals productive, yeah, I kicked ass! :P

I'd happily teach you how crochet, Trish! I'm sure you'd pick it up in no time!!! But since I've been sewing pretty much my whole life, how about you teach me cake decorating instead??? *begs with pleading puppy dog eyes*

Trish said...

I would love to teach you cake decorating but I fear I'm not that great at it either. One thing that has really helped me is having one of those cake pedestals with a rotating base (think Wilton makes and you can pick up at any hobby shop that has cake decorating stuff). Also an angled spatula. I'd do a "show you" post but just don't think I have the skills to be worth it to you guys...

Eva said...

Snds like a good week to me! A couple weeks ago I spent a day and a half obsessively watching London Hospital. My excuse? I only have the free trial of Amazon Prime for a month, so I need to finish the shows I can only stream there fast. ;)