Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lottery...thoughts along the way...

Lottery by Patricia Wood.

*Why this book? I can remember clearly buying this book at the bookstore. At the time, I'd never heard of it, but something about the description on the back cover just snagged me, so I picked it up. Not terribly long afterward, Nancy reviewed it, and I felt confident that I'd done well in buying this one. Yeah, but as so often happens, before I had a chance to read it, I got distracted by some other book. Poor Lottery languished unread. Until Care recently read and reviewed it. There was something about her review that I just could not resist. She has that way about her, you know. :) I was so in the mood of something like she described, so I went searching through boxes until I found it. Which thankfully, only took a few boxes worth of rooting.

*Okay, so I'm only up to page 17. But let me tell you, I am already charmed. Heck, I'm already in love! There is just something so feel good about this book, I can't possibly put it into words. I have literally smiled through every page so far.

*Perry, the main character in this book, is slow. This is how he describes himself. He likes being slow, but obviously does not enjoy the torment he often receives. I am finding Perry immensely likable. He was raised by his grandmother, who is loaded with quirks and heart full of love for Perry. Like her, too. Keith, Perry's best friend, has me straddling the fence at this point. He's somewhat of a jerk. He takes advantage of Perry in some small ways. And yet, he seems to be genuinely fond of and appreciates Perry. And Perry definitely enjoys being with Keith. So, yeah, at this point, I'm sort of reserving judgment on Keith. I suspect he's just like the rest of us--a big complicated ball of good traits and questionable traits. You know, human.

*Page 23. "Gram hates any messes she does not make herself." I totally had to laugh at that, ashamedly admitting that that describes me to a tee. :P

*Now up to page 59. I think I've come down on the side of liking Keith. Yes, he's a bit crass. But then so is my own dad. (Sorry Dad, but you know it's true!) But his affection for Perry, and Perry's trust in him are mighty big points in his favor. Especially once you meet Perry's mother and brothers. Them, I do. not. like.

*But Cherry is another keeper.

*Warning: Tangent Ahead.

I love how a book can sometimes make you think about something that you hadn't thought about in a long time. One of the things Perry had on his list of things to do if he ever one the lottery was to visit the factory where Hersheys Kisses were made. I won't tell you about the conversation that occurs about this, but I will tell you it reminded me of the time that Rich and I and our good friends Kim and Dan visited Hershey Park back in the days before we were married. I'd love to share a picture of Rich and I as the young and thin and long-haired hippiefolk that we were then, but I'm afraid the only picture I have from that trip is a picture of the streetlights, which were shaped like Hershey Kisses. *questioning priorities* Instead I'll share a picture of the bear that Rich bought me at the gift shop there. His name is Hershey (yeah, real original :p ), and he has been my friend through thick and thin for the past 25-ish years.

*This book can have me chuckling at one paragraph, and then say something so profoundly meaningful that I'm forced to pause in the very next. The fact that this happens and doesn't feel one itty bit incongruous is one of the many things I'm truly loving about this little gem of a book.

*Okay, all done. You know, this book made me laugh, and this book made me cry...but most of all this book just made me want to hug to my chest and feel content. I adored this book to pieces; it was the exact right book for me at this moment. Would I have loved it as much had I read it at a different time--no way to tell, I suppose, but it's certainly not out of the question.

*I think I might have mentioned in a post not too long ago how I've divided my books into two camps. Those that are in the reading room are books I know I want to keep because I've already read them or books I strongly suspect I'll want to keep after reading. Those in the bedroom are the ones I'm hoping I'll be able to get rid of once I read them. (Because we just don't have as much room for books in this house.) And my very loose goal is to read two books of "probable-get-rid-ofs" to every "probable-keeper." I had thought that Lottery would be leaving our house after I read it...I was wrong.

*Cool coincidence to finish things off. After I finished the book, I went and read the dedication and the acknowledgements. Patricia Woods mentioned Paul Theroux in both. And Rich happens to be reading one of Theroux's books right now (first time either of us has done so).

*And finally...a couple of "thank yous"...because I really do need to say thank you the people who make my life a happier place more often. Thank you to Patricia Wood for writing this book. Obviously, she didn't write it for me, but she did share it with the world and it simply feels like a very special personal gift nonetheless. And thank you to Care. Yes, for her post that made me finally read this book. But also because she, just by being that incredible person she is, tends to make me feel the way this book did. Enriched by her positive energy and spirit. Thank you.


Care said...

OH! I'm tearing up! sniff, sniff. Thank you. I'm very glad you liked this book. Charming IS a good word for it. As is complicated and human and real.

And I'm happy that you are happy that I liked The Stand! :)

You're such a sweetie.

Care said...

OH! I'm tearing up! sniff, sniff. Thank you. I'm very glad you liked this book. Charming IS a good word for it. As is complicated and human and real.

And I'm happy that you are happy that I liked The Stand! :)

You're such a sweetie.

Chris said...

um, I obviously need to read this book, huh? Yeah..I'm thinking I do! Expect a point coming your way soon ;)

Care said...

Hey Chris! I want the blame! but Nancy BookFool probably SHOULD get it... :P
(I so covet a blame spot on Chris' list...)

Bookfool said...

I'm glad you love Perry. He's one of my all-time favorite characters and the book has not been knocked out of my top 5 since I read it.

Care is, indeed, awesome. She's just as fun in person. :)