Monday, October 1, 2012


I mentioned last week how inspired I was by my dear friend Kara's journey to simplify and balance her life. And I know this is a journey I need to begin. Not in the future, but now. Of course this will be an ongoing process, but I need to start. I need to.

I keep putting off doing the things I *want* to do, and focusing on all the "shoulds" instead. But I need to step back and take a look at those "shoulds"...because I have a feeling that when examined, I'll find that I've used some pretty faulty reasoning in sticking some things in that category to start with. And if I can learn to let go of some of that, it will hopefully leave more time for focusing on the things I truly want to spend my time on.

Ah, but there's another thing I've been pondering...what the hell is that I do want?!! Well, I'm currently working on that...sorting it all out is a little harder than it seems it ought to be. I find myself saying I want things, but then realizing that some of it is just stuff I think I should want, rather than things truly desired by my heart. I'm working on it.

There are, however, three things that keep screaming at me...and perhaps they shall end up being the basis of everything: 1. time spent with my immediate family, 2. time spent on my friends, and 3. time to create.

I know that one of the changes I need to make is cutting down on my internet time. Well, maybe that's not quite accurate--I think what I really need to do is refocus much of that time. I need to weed down my reader considerably. Yes, it will mean giving up reading blogs that I do enjoy. But the return will be that I can spend more time online with the people I love, with the sites that bring me the most inspiration, with the projects that bring me happiness.

It's no secret that I love projects. Truly truly love them. Anything just seems more fun when I relabel it as "A Project." :P But the self-induced stress that I often impose upon myself over a project--yeah, that I could like without. So if I find myself turning any project into something stressful as opposed to something fun, out it goes!

With that in mind, I'm joining in on Trish's latest round of Pin-It-and-Do-It. At the timid pinner level (1-3 pins). No stress. No stress. No stress. And hopefully a handful of fun things accomplished. :)


Amanda said...

Good luck with your changes Debi, and i hope this will help you to find more time to yourself, time to do things you enjoy, rather than the stressors associated with some of that stuff!

Jean said...

Good luck! It will take time, so don't get too impatient and kick yourself thinking you haven't gotten all the way there. Perhaps you and Kara could be a support group for each other. I'm looking forward to getting back from next week's trip and seeing about some simplifying routines in my own world.

DesLily said...

I really hope you are successful Debi. It is not easy changing ones "habits" (good or bad)

try to remember that some of those "should do" things can be done by "others" (hint hint) and also many of them you put on yourself that really don't have to be should do things. you only think they should be done.. think on that one lol

the problem is that we can't "turn off" so many parts of us that we wish we could.. but.. iknow you can do this!!! and have fun in the process !!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that darned internet is a total time suck. But also fun. But also a time suck... This is a debate I have with myself way too much.

Eva said...

I'm replying to several of your posts all tog on this one! :)

1) I've avoided *all* political stuff for just that reason. And it makes me literally nauseous to contemplate certain electoral outcomes, which is just unpleasant. I'm a little stressed that my trip is coincided with the election, as I'm sure my awkward e-mail to you made clear (lol), because my extended family have v different politics than me & I just don't want to get into it. So I'm just crossing my fingers that we all keep our mouths shut while I'm there!

2) I cannot believe Gray is 10!!! OMG, I just realised that in my mind I think we're all the ages we were in 2008. :o

3) I think walking almost 40 miles in one month is awesome! That's over a mile a day-I'd be shouting from the roof tops if I'd achieved that!

4) I started exploring simplicity, etc. last year and it has made such a wonderful change to my life. I'm definitely not a minimalist, but now I'm an enough-ist (hehe), try to be a bit more purposeful, and am more aware of when things are getting out of balance. I've recently been pondering over my next stage (because I've been a bit restless, which tells me I'm probably longing for some change), and for me it's definitely going to be trying to create a local community for myself. I think that's quite difficult to do as an adult moving to a new place, but I've got my eye on a progressive church. Now I just need to be able to drive there are on Sundays! ;)

4) I'm cutting back on my random internet time too. Not the book blogosphere (which I need to get back into), but I've found lately if I'm having a flare-up/don't feel well, my default is a kind of mindless perusal of pretty pictures and personal style blogs, which are fine in moderation, but I've gone a bit past that line. I've been more conscious of it the last week or so, and I'm definitely happier now that I'm limiting it! :)

5) I just got a book from the library called the Creativity Cure, because I want to bring more creating into my life! I've contemplated getting back into knitting, but I'm not sure my RA will let me. I did hand sew a little hat and cowl from a thrifted cashmere sweater last week (part of trip preparations! squee!), and it was so satisfying. And I've been cooking on a v regular basis, which is another fun creative endeavour for me. I'd like to try out baking again now that I don't have to worry about GF-just made some yummy pumpkin bread for snacks!

All in all, to summarise this excessively long comment, I think we're on the same wave length right now, and I can't wait to talk it all over in person (!!!!). :DDD

Amanda said...

I have to limit my internet time and I've really embraced being a homebody on the weekends. Last weekend I went grocery stopping and then stayed in the rest of the time. It was lovely: I made soup, I read, I puttered about the house. All the cleaning didn't get done and I didn't really *do* anything, but it was restful and that was what I needed. Oh yeah... I'll be doing the pin it and do it as well. Yay!