Monday, October 8, 2012

this balance thing...

I need to accept the fact that "perfect balance" in one's life is a myth. I mean, it really has to be a myth, right? Instead the aim should be keeping on that ball as it sometimes veers from this side to that and that side to this. As long as that ball and I can keep from tumbling over the edge of the cliff, I should count it as at least partial success. And with thoughtful choices, hopefully I'll eventually become a little less wobbly up there. It's these thoughtful choices I'm working on! And yes, blog reading took a hit this past weekend, but otherwise I'm happy with my choices.

Had a good weekend. Not only fun, but productive. Chris and I had our first monthly "Christmas Extravanganza" of the year. I love him to pieces for suggesting we start this in October this year. Hell, I love him for about 6.3 million different reasons, if you want to know the truth. :) My biggest accomplishment was probably just getting the list of gift recipients down on paper, along with any ideas for things to make and/or buy for each person (and filling in the not too many gifts I already have). Then I took those enormous lists and compiled the need-to-make items into categories. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of holes where I'm lacking ideas, but now I have a place to go write them down when they pop into my head. Decided to count how many gifts I have to make...yikes! :P I'm going to keep track of my progress in the sidebar--the starting number will likely rise as I come up with ideas to fill holes, and then that number will take a HUGE dive shortly before Christmas when I'm forced to admit that I can't possibly finish in time (happens every damn year). But in the interim, I shall have fun watching the number slowly fall. I had two gifts completed before this weekend (these fingerless gloves I made for Annie during Trish's first Pin It and Do It challenge and something I can't show because recipient might see this) and completed two more over the weekend (sewed a pair of pj pants for my Mom and made something else I can't talk about). Several more are "in progress."

Other fun stuff from this weekend included:

Annie got a haircut, and biased Mom here thinks she looks adorable. :)

Watching Rich and Max run their first 5k. They didn't do too badly, especially considering that Max is fighting a cold (and his lungs pay the price of his premature birth every time he has a respiratory infection). And I'm sure it goes without saying that most importantly they had a good time. And Gray and I had fun watching them.

Watching Stay with Annie and Rich. Shall say a few words about soon--really need to write a "happiness project update" post one of these days.

So, how about you? Did you have a "balanced" weekend?


DesLily said...

omg! Annie looks fantastic in short hair!!

awww poor max good to see the father/ son thing though...

balanced weekend? moi? LOL LOL LOL

Elizabeth said...

Well it is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada so I thought I would write a quick note to say thanks to you. I enjoy your blog so much. I read honesty, sincerity,and lots of love in what you write about your life. You live a very active life and write about it very engagingly. I appreciate reading about your reading.... it seems very eclectic to me and introduces me to books I would never run into.I think you do a great job at balancing all you do.... I'm only judging by what I read but you seem to be balancing plenty!! Have a lovely day.

Megan said...

Christmas?? I can't even fit Christmas into my brain yet. Actually, we just drew names for our work secret santa today, so I can get a jump on all the strife involved in trying to figure out what to do for that. Argh!

Mostly unbiased Megan loves Annie's haircut! ;-)

And, as usual, continue to be severely unbalanced in more ways than one. ;-)

Jean said...

Keep up the good work and good times!

Jean said...

Keep up the good work and good times!

Debi said...

Doesn't she? Hmmm...not balanced, huh? ;)

You brighten my day so very much every time you stop by! Thank you for all your lovely words! And I hope you had a beautiful, relaxing Thanksgiving!!!

You crack me up!!! If you're unbalanced, my dear, unbalanced is pretty darn awesome! :D

Thanks--I certainly try!

Trish said...

That Annie could NOT be any cuter!! Debi--she's growing up too fast. Counting backwards on my hand the amount of time I've known you, I just can't believe how your kids have grown...