Saturday, November 17, 2012

last week in (mostly) photos...

Christmas shopping with Rich Saturday. So much fun. We love thrifting. :)

Freakish, unseasonably warm weather on Sunday meant Bacon could sneak in one last outside bath for the year.

Christmas gift crafting is in full swing. And I'm *loving* it, all the while worrying that I won't finish everything in time.

Practicing Aikido moves.

Our back yard in late autumn. (I'm having a hard time with the fact that this view is soon to be severely altered. Behind our swamp there, they're beginning building of a new subdivision. :( In the summer the foliage should hide it from our view, but I suspect during fall and winter even as we enjoy our little swamp, it will be tainted with the view of yet another cookie cutter subdivision.)


Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

I'm not sure what you're crocheting that is green and white but that swatch looks lovely! I can't wait to see the completed project!

Trish said...

cute bacon!! And I'm dying to know what you're sewing!! I'm also coveting the fabric a little bit as it would go perfectly with my Christmas quilt. ;)

Eva said...

Yay thrifting! I got a couple shirts for my mom to inc in her Christmas present (thought hey won't be a surprise because I had her try them so I could exchange if they didn't fit) and I thrifted a beautifully thick, tags-still-attached navy blue cashmere sweater for my dad, only to learn he doesn't wear sweaters. Even in Maryland. Even in the winter. So now it's become my cold weather (we had a deliciously cold snap, though it's starting to warm back up) pajama/lounge wear: I feel so decadent! ;)

I love all the pics, but that one of Baker is awesome!!! He looks so handsome & dignified, LOL (has he adjusted to daylight savings yet?). Thistle looks like a pitiful dork when she's all wet, but post-bath she runs around full of happy manic energy and looks like an adorable but crazy fluffy sheep.

DesLily said...

ah ha! Thrifting is my middle name! lol .. you are moving quickly towards the holidays!! It's the best time while you have some young kids!!!! Enjoy it all! (I know you will).

awww to bad about the view going to change... the more trees the better as far as I am concerned!

lol glad Bacon had such a good time in the water! lol

Susan said...

Boo to the subdivision, yaay for the crafting and dog bath, and thrifting for Christmas is the best! Good stuff, Debi, and you are way up on me in the making anything (except cookies) department! I'm enjoying the no snow, are you?

Jean said...

It's nice to read an upbeat post on everyday things. Love the boys practicing aikido and the dog enduring one more bath. Life rules! Hope to get prezzies mailed to you this week. I only made one of them, but had fun choosing all of them.

Debi said...

Thanks! I actually can't wait to share the pictures of the finished project (but can't until recipient gets the gift). I'm so in love with the finished product that I almost want to keep it for myself. :P

You know, I've had that fabric for about 20 years! Seriously, I bought it back when I worked in a fabric store and always planned to make patchwork Christmas placemats with it. Finally accepted the fact that I'm never going to get around to it, so I allowed myself to use it for something else. :P

Don't you just love all the treasures you can find thrifting?!! Rich used to refuse to wear sweaters, too, until about a year ago and now he's decided he really likes them. But I'm sort of glad your Dad doesn't like makes me happy thinking of you feeling all decadent! :D

Thrifting is such good, clean fun, isn't it? :P Annie is going to be thrilled with the enormous box of clothes we got her for Christmas (and all of it for about the price of one or two nice items new).

Yeah, I'm really upset about the subdivision. But at the same time trying desperately not to let it stress me out as there's nothing I can do about it.
But NO--I think we have different views on the snow thing! I'm *craving* it, as I always do this time of year, knowing very well that it will likely be a while yet before it really starts coming down on a regular basis.

I love that--Life Rules! I think that should be my new mantra, you know to keep me in line when I start feeling stressed out. Btw, that's actually Annie in the Aikido outfit. She just started taking classes a few weeks ago, and she is LOVING it! (Gray is taking them too, though he's in the kids' class.) I can't believe you're about ready to mail packages already!!! Oh, who the hell am I kidding--I'm not really surprised. :P Yours is still a ways off...I'd like to blame Rich (as I assigned him the task of ordering this one thing we found for you a few months back, and he still hasn't done it), but I have to admit that I'm still working on one of your gifts, so really we're both to blame. ;)

DesLily said...

My how things change!

When I was young my mother was raising 2 kids alone with no money help.. I got some of my clothes from a thrift "wasn't the thing" back then and it just added to the "poor kid, in used clothes, that no one wants to be around"

But of course now I like many things from thrift stores!!! lol I don't know if those other kids that looked down on me do but naturally, by now I could care less lol