Monday, November 19, 2012

good stuff...


*Gray came up to me, gave me an uncharacteristic spontaneous hug, and said, "We've got the most awesome family ever." (We've been called a "weird" family [by our realtor] and an "unconventional" family [by one of Annie's doctors]...and I suppose all of these descriptions fit. But I love the way Gray chose to view us.)

*Having a freshly made bucket of laundry detergent, and knowing I probably won't have to make another batch until after Christmas.

*Yarn, glorious yarn.

*Incredibly affectionate kitty cats.

*And the not-so-affectionate ones, too.

*Battlestar Galactica. Finished season 3 this weekend. Gods, do I love this show! It keeps threatening to lose me, and yet somehow always manages to pull me right back in. I love the characters so much, and love them all the more because they frackin' piss me off and do stupid shit and make me want to smack know, they're human. Well, some of them are anyway. :P Was I surprised by who was revealed not to be at the end of the season finale? Sort of, but then again, no. Added bonus points to season finale for using a Bob Dylan song...and surprisingly I didn't even mind what they did to it (I can sometimes be stubbornly unforgiving when people "mess with" favorite songs of mine :P ). So excited to start season 4. And luckily I have lots of crocheting to get done which makes for a mighty good excuse to sit in front of the TV/computer screen.

*Reading with Max. We finished A Hero for Wondla last night. Now we're eagerly awaiting the third book (not even sure when it's due out). But tonight we get to choose a new book, which is always such fun.

*Cozy fires in the fireplace, while snuggling up with Rich and reading The Stand together. (Yes, we're *still* reading it.)

*Finishing up a couple of Christmas presents this weekend. And finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on one of the rather big gifts I'm making. (Can't share pics yet.)

So what made your good stuff list last week???


DesLily said...

hmmm, "weird and unconventional" eh? sounds to me like there are some jealous people out there!

love your good stuff list!! and happy you are enjoying Battlestar Galactica! I think one of my favs for the moment is all the reruns of Castle!

Jean said...

I'll put the awesomeness and, yes, weirdness of my family up against yours any day, Debi. Did I ever tell you the story about someone looking at the house on the other cul-de-sac through the woods from ours on a day when we were exploding things? They started to get nervous, and may have gotten more nervous, when their daughter said, "Oh, don't worry about that. That's just where the Norums live."

Good stuff from last week ... the Roads to Arabia exhibit with out good friend Sarah, being told by one of the senior karate masters that one of my kata (forms) showed improvement, being asked to consider putting in paperwork to be hired as a kendo instructor by the gym at which we practice (still thinking that one over), and a couple of phone conversations with Steve. It was a good week. Thanks for helping me to remember that. And give my apologies to Annie on not recognizing her from the back and assuming it was Max practicing with Gray.

Kailana said...

Battlestar Galatica did lose me... Lorrie really liked it, though. I am not good at watching a show basically in one go. I need breaks just like I do with television shows...

Enjoy your good stuff. :)

Trish said...

LOL!!! It makes me smile to think that you're still reading The Stand. I've tried to get Scott to listen to it but he says it's too long. EXCEPT HE'S LISTENING TO IT!!! (IT the book--which is only 3 hours shorter). ;)

And cheese. Elle would agree with you. She LOVES cheese and asks for it all the time. I keep telling her we need to get her a Wisconsin cheesehead for Christmas because she's going to turn into a cheese head with the amount she eats! What kind of cheese are you nomming on?

I hope you and your family have a really beautiful Thanksgiving Debi. xo

Elizabeth said...

Just dropping in to wish you Happy Thanksgiving. I think you said you were staying home this year so I hope it is relaxing and enjoyable. And just an added note about how productive you are being with Christmas preparations....I am jealous as I am not doing much besides thinking about it! Take care and have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Amanda said...

coffee! baking! Christmas decorations! Getting over the flu! Loads of good things going on over here!

Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

Yay for hugs! And kitties! And yarn! I'm watching Battlestar Gallactica verrrrry slowly, but now that I've finished Firefly and I'm oh so close to finishing Gilmore Girls, I think I will watch it again. I also have a ton of things to crochet!