Wednesday, December 26, 2012

it's been a while...

Okay, so I could talk about how crazy the past month+ have been with the endless gift making and Christmas preparations, and the horrendous stomach virus that visited us, and the flooding of the basement with sewage followed by the digging up of our yard to have a septic line replaced, and the aggravating cold virus that visited us and still refuses to go away, and the loss of our internet for over a week and... But I'm sure you've all had your share of crazy, hectic, and sometimes sucky life as well over the past month, so we'll just skip going into details about all that.

We had a lovely Christmas with my parents and brother joining us here for a few days. The view was beautiful out our sliding glass doors with snow blanketing the yard and trees and swamp. If not for the overwhelming horror that unfolded a few short miles from here on Christmas Eve morning (you may have heard about the murder of the firemen and the loss of seven homes to fire), I might have been able to describe it as the perfect two days in our little world.

I've been counting my blessings a lot in these past few days. And grappling with ways to make life a little more sane within my own frazzled head. My blogging has been next to non-existent lately, as has been my reading. I've missed them both immensely. I'm not really making resolutions for next year, but I'm going to strive for change nonetheless. Last year, I proclaimed it was to be my year of "just because." There were moments when I lived it, but far, far, far more moments when I failed to. Hopefully this year I'll tip that balance to more successes and less failures. And "just because" still fits neatly into my plan for 2013...where the goal is to "simplify, de-stress, and be just a little bit more selfish." I don't know if that means I'll be blogging more or blogging less myself. But if I succeed in my goals, it will mean I'll be reading and commenting on blogs more often and yet feeling far less guilty when I can't. (I just hit that damn "mark all as read" button after our week+ without internet, and I am determined to make that the last time I feel guilty about having to do so.) Anyway, lots of pondering yet to do over how exactly to accomplish my goals, but ponder away I shall. (Any suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.)

My sincerest wishes to you all for peaceful days ahead, and for a bright, joyful, and full-of-awesome-opportunities 2013!!!!!


DesLily said...

wow.. and holy cow. Very glad you managed to have some good days over the holidays with family!!

I will tell you something that might help that stress of "deleting as read"... take yourself OFF of all the feeds that let you know in email that someone posted. Keep all the blogs on your favorite's list and just click on the individual one's when you have time or feel like reading. This is what I do and since I never see a list of blogs that have posted and "i should read these" there is no guilt because there is no "deleteing". Will you still get to all the blogs? of course not, but you aren't already so stop feeling guilty and take yourself off of each of their feeds and just keep them listed in favorites. Think about it ok? :o) I just think you feel too much one..not even YOU can do EVERYTHING!

Care said...

LIfe is always crazy, huh? at least we have awesome friends and fam to help go through it all together! Happy New Year

Jean said...

What DesLily recommends works for me. I simply have the blogs I check bookmarked in a blogs folder. I check some (such as yours) every day or two. Others, I only check every now and again. Some, I haven't checked in ages and really should delete.

As for Christmas, I loved your homemade goodies (and also the ones that weren't homemade). My tree is prettier for them.

Remember to breathe deeply and let others help when they can. They can, for example, tell you that you are allowed to say, "No." They can also remind you of your goals. You can do this!

Elizabeth said...

Well even though you were not posting regularly you did keep a running total of gifts made..... that was so impressive! I think that you are human and see what you don't do instead of all that you accomplish. The gifts made, family and emergencies were obviously the needs and the blogging a want that slid to the bottom of the list. Not to say it is not disappointing to miss the "wants" but I'd say you have your eye firmly on the important things. I always admire that about what you reveal of your life in your blog.... as difficult as it is you know what is necessary.

Enjoy the rest of the "season" and holiday. Much happiness for you and your family in the New Year.

All the best,

P.S.And I selfishly hope that you are able to keep blogging when you are able.... in my opinion you have something to add to this world that is very worthwhile.

Debi said...

You know, I might just take your advice. I don't actually subscribe to any feeds that go to my email, but Google Reader has really become my nemesis. Maybe I should just do away with altogether. Or take a few minutes of time to at least organize things in folders so I can make sure I'm keeping up with what's most important to me but not stressing about all the rest.

Yes!!! Isn't that the truth?!!!

You, my dear, are always full of good advice! :D

Every time I see that you've commented, I immediately smile. Because you are an absolute ray of sunshine in my world--I hope you know that! You are kindness personified, and you have a way of always making me feel better about myself. How do you thank someone enough for that? :)
I so hope you have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful 2013!!!!

Susan said...

Debi: you took time out of your crazy month to send me a lovely card and a bookmark made by you. Do you know how you touched me when I received it? And even more now, when I read what was really going on in your life? You are awesome and kind and sweet, and I am so thankful that you are able to blog when you can, and that you have such good family members and friends and family there in your life. That bookmark is beautiful and I love the Christmas colours you chose. So, thank you, and big hugs from up here, and I wish for you a most amazing 2013 filled with love and peace - plenty of quiet times for your soul. THANK YOU!!!